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Can this adapter be used with X-Can?

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At PartsExpress.com I saw a "12 VAC 4500mA/54VA ADAPTOR"

The 12VAC is what the Can uses, and the 4500ma is about 9 times bigger, but what does that "54VA" mean?

When I looked at the picture it also said it was regulated?

Anyone have any ideas on it?

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I was also curious for the "VA" rating when I bought my AC adapter. I think that's the maximum power rating that the transformer can supply on its output. (In your case, it happens to be 12 VAC * 4.5A = 54 VA.) According to electrical theory, the source (transformer) and the output load consume equal amount of power when at the maximum rating (ignoring transformer's temperature rating). So I wouldn't recommend to draw that much power; if you do, the transformer will get very hot. On the other hand, idling current (internally consumed current when output current is zero) will increase as the transformer gets bigger.
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Thanks for the response, that was informative.

*To X-Can users:

I went back to the partsexpress site and found something that appears to be highly similiar to the supplied power supply, cost: $3.75!!!


Now if the adapter I originally asked about, cost: $13.40, was supplied with the X-Can, the price of the Can would hardly rise at all. I think MF tried to scam us by making us buy that obscenely priced X-PSU. I doubt they thought that most people would buy 3 or 4 X - Ponents to use with the X - PSU.

Thoughts appreciated
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XPSU works for me!
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I also feel that, while X-PSU will make the X-can sing even better it is way overpriced, especially for powering one x-ponent.
I posted a request in the DIY forum some time ago about what's in the X-PSU. It may be only a big toroidal transformer. In this case X-PSU is really overpriced since a good toroidal can be bought for about 40-50 USD. Add another 10 or so for a box and there you go... However, no one has confirmed what is actually inside the X-PSU (are there any filtering capacitors etc.) and have put my DIY PSU on hold for now.
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Yeah, we went through this in the DIY some time ago.

I'm going to ask partsexpress about that $3.75 adapter - even the writing on the adapter looks the same as the one that comes with the X - Can. The only thing that looks to be different are the the words: "Musical Fidelity Direct Plug Transformer" on the one that comes with the X-Canv2.

The beefier adapter that I originally mentioned looks like it is a 110/220VAC input, so I'll ask and confirm that too.
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Yep, the VA (volt-ampres)rating is a power rating, similar to Watts, but a more accurate term for AC.

Having more current is ok, it will not cause any problems, as long as the voltage is correct. But if you don't need that much power, you could probably save a fair amount of money by getting an adaptor with a lower VA rating...

I'd think that there would be more inside the x-psu, it must have at least some filtering in it, or they couldn't call it a power supply. (power supplies should be outputing DC rather than AC as well)
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Plus, you do pay a premium for that awesome machined metal case
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Yeah the can casing. I'm not a knocked down by its looks to be honest. OK, I own the X-canV2 now so I can afford a few "nasty" remarks. IMO the amp would have looked better with normal rectangular casing and with the tubes out. It's more practical from a tube-rolling point of view. It's true that the casing is thick and very well made. Usually it is benefitial since shielding is improved but aluminium is not as good as steel. A 2mm thick steel casing would have better shielding.

On the other hand I remember I read somewhere that the can shape was not chosen by MF for an aestetic reason (only). The author commented that the tubular shaped casing helps reduce structural vibrations. True or not... dunno.
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