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Originally Posted by pabbi1
Shouldn't the MOT be held to the same (or even more stringent) standards of the For Sale forums?

A member of the trade is a designation of a person or persons who make money in this hobby of ours. It is a safeguard announcement to the members so that if provided with information, good or bad, from these folks, they can immediately recognize them as competition to other manufacturers and take that information with a grain of salt if need be. It also means they are restricted from criticizing other products on the boards of which they are in direct competition with, and it also means they can't advertize or sell within the main pages. They need a mall-fi ad or space.

All transactions made with an MOT have nothing to do with our FSF's. In fact, our FSF's are pretty clearly laid out as well, Head-fi is not responsible for anything that goes down.

That said, we will take measures, as with WilliamGoody, to ban individuals who are here to rip people off.

As for Drew, this happened before and he remedied the situation. It is happening again and we shall see how it turns out. Jude has tried to contact Drew. I'm not sure if he has been successful or not.
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* withdrawn *
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Originally Posted by setharmstrong
You guys might want to look at this:


Seems they closed his shop.

BTW, I posted this in the other thread, too, so everyone sees it.

Mod edit: FYI: Please note that "setharmstrong" is actually Duncan aka Full Monty from ipodstudio, here once again under yet another identity to shill his site and take a shot at Head-Fi.
shop works for me?


the link quoted earlier doesnt work, what was in it?
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The site maxed out the server last week. Same thing looks to have happened today. It was only down for a few hours last time.
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Originally Posted by philodox
Speaking of undignified and inflammatory comments.

EDIT: I want to clarify, that I agree that Duncan's (ipodstudio's Duncan not OUR Duncan) comment was in poor taste... just pointing out that he is not the only one that perpetuates this head-fi vs. ipodstudio attitude.

Because you don't know the entire story I'll forgive your response. Duncan has ridiculously attempted to shill his site via multiple ID's, as you may well notice, Jude has posted some of them. Check out setharmstrong's custom title.

THere is no "us vs. them" there is only "them" trying to steal head-fi members off of the hard work and financial burden of Jude. Not only members but also reviews and site design.

Why did Duncan feel the need to post this inflammatory comment on his site? Why did he then feel it necessary to link to it via a new alias and post it in muliple threads.

I'll leave it for you to figure out.

As for my comments on site volume. The numbers speak for themselves.
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Originally Posted by Zanth
Because you don't know the entire story I'll forgive your response.
Well, I'm glad that I'm forgiven.

Anyways, Jude has brought me up to speed.
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Originally Posted by philodox
EDIT: I want to clarify, that I agree that Duncan's comment was in poor taste...
I know you are one of the few posters at ipodstudio. When the site's back up again, have a look at "setharmstrong's" very first post there where he claims to have just joined and praises the ipodstudio site.

HERE'Sa link to the thread I'm talking about.

What you have there is Duncan (Full Monty), pretending to be setharmstrong, praising his own site. He even has a conversation with himself. Now he's joined Head-Fi under that same name to criticize us at Head-Fi and to direct traffic to his site. This is not the first time he has pulled this sort of underhanded stunt. In fact he has joined here under several different names to do the same thing. That's the kind of devious, underhanded crap we have to put up with, and the kind of person Duncan (aka Full Monty) really is. So don't be fooled by his "nice helpful guy" BS.

Until this latest sleazy attempt to discredit us by Duncan, we've kept this and other similar situations and information to ourselves. But this was just too much.

Mod Edit: The ipodstudio thread I'd linked to above, has now mysteriously disappeared. Hopefully some of you got to see it before that happened.
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Originally Posted by philodox
Anyways, Jude has brought me up to speed.

Is this info relevant for drew's customers?
If it is, please enlighten me.

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mbriant - Thanks, like I said Jude has brought me up to speed. I will have a look at that thread you linked.
Originally Posted by iban
Is this info relevant for drew's customers?
If it is, please enlighten me.
No, it is unrelated to the shellbrook audio situation.
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It is disconcerting to come across this thread. Like guchiguh? I am one of the handful of people who have ordered and is still waiting to receive their Shellbrook Hybrid Head amp.

For those of us in our situation, my last contact with Drew was just over two weeks ago. Here is his email from Monday July 18, 2005:

Just to let you know, a slightly revised circuit board is due in later
in the week. I'd like to use that in your amp instead of the original
board. It will delay things by another couple of days, but it provides
a little extra margin of output current which should also help a bit in
the bass.

Thanks again!

I'm sure most of you are thinking, oh not another excuse but I honestly believe he has the best intentions of delivering a quality product and not trying to rip people off. It's just unfortunate that Drew is not in consistent contact with his customers. It only takes a sentence or two to keep all of us happy and informed. Yeah, customer service is a value that many small business just don't seem to always recognize.
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well I noticed drews feedback is now a sticky, so as long as folks visit the feedback forum, it will be noticed.
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Anyone who's been waiting for products from this guy for months with no contact should file a report with the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center:

I've heard that the FBI takes these complaints seriously (especially multiple complaints).
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the FBI!

thats some pretty serious stuff.
shame it has to resort to that.
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lol... now thats extreme... just complain to PayPal or your bank and youll get a refund...
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Yeah, let's save those FBI resources for bigger fish, no? Jayzus. Get a refund, avoid future and business and move on. My goodness.

I got an amp from Drew last winter; he was fast and pleasant and helpful with the emails...this is so sad. If the excuses are legit, it just takes good communications to deal with more than half the pain...unreal stories.

- walkman
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