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Active Filters

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Hi, i'm currently working on an active bass boost circuit, and have a few questions...

I know (or used to know) the basic formulas for finding the componant values, just take the normal opamp gain eqn, and use impedence instead of resistance, sub in gain, solve for capacitance, right? its been a while since i read up on this stuff, and can't find any online resources...

my question is, what is the conversion factor between the dB scale, and voltage? I know dB is logarithmic, but if you want somthing like +10dB at a particular frequency, what gain would you need at that freq?

second of all, is a simple first order HP filter be adequte for bass boost, or will the very low frequencies (<20hz) be boosted by too much?

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For Voltage Difference it is 20 for Power it is 10. as far as Bass boots gose take a kook at my portable amp that hanson put up.
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not right now Thomas , friggin shot dude , but I have some tone control and EQ circuits that will blow yer freakin mind

I get some time (and am coherent enough to put the zip discs in and search) I will send them to ya, zipped up nicely


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