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woah! The best cMoy ever!

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I searched for cmoy on ebay and i stumbled opon this gem! Link Its got some really cool features, its just expensive.
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Looks like you get quite a bit for the money asked but the final defining worth is how it really sounds.

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Yeah that one is loaded with features...however not many people here on Head-Fi have had experience with this amp...in the past people have asked about this amp, only to get recommendations from well-respected amp manufacturers...
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I personally wouldn't get an amp in an altoids tin.. so many things can go wrong.

Oops, accidental dent = short circuit.
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I don't see any cpu. Where's the cpu ?
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You are bidding on a silver case with a polished silver aluminum volume knob (The white case and silver cases have the exact same dimensions).

what if he was just selling the silver case?!?!?! he could get off on a technicality!
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Well.. he has fantastic feedback for previous Moys he's sold, so I can only assume he won't rip you off on a technicality.
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My first thought: I'd just spend the money on a used airhead/supermini/mint/pimeta etc. And flashlight mode = bright leds. Man this guy is full of it.

You cannot get a higher-quality and more feature-packed headphone amplifier than the XMoy2.
Riiiiiight. Lemme repeat that again. Riiiiight.

My question is: Can this thing run windows?
Well.. he has fantastic feedback for previous Moys he's sold, so I can only assume he won't rip you off on a technicality.
Its ebay . . . don't rely heavily on feedback.
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Too many needless bells / whistles... IE things that can go wrong. IMHO an amp should do one thing... amplify signal.

For that price youre almost into used Pimeta territory.

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It sort of reminds me of a Pinto I saw one time with a 400 HP engine, sure you can do it, but the question that makes people slam their head against immovable objects is WHY?
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You guys should support him by purchasing some of his products. Think of it as a potential investment. Maybe he's the next generation of portable amp manufactures. If I may be so bold, he could become the next R. Samuels.
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You being sarcastic right?
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why take a dump on the guy?

1. bells and whistles? imo quite a bit of the 'extra' feature are useful. those new to headphones may not find L-R channel seperation to their liking - hence crossfeed. the 'low batt indicator' is probably one of the most useful things i've seen around for a portable amp. and any amp could use some higher-end electrolytics and metal film resistors.

2. a used pimeta? how many fit in a tin?

3. no i do not think he could get off on a technicality, especially not with that title for his listing.

sure, a jap saloon may not be the 'best' car around, but still, it gets the job done. and done very well considering it's price point.
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Nobody has experience with the amp, but everyone is so quick to jump on him. He made is own boards and added features instead of just making a vanilla CMoy and everyone sh1ts on him.

A CMoy does not short circuit when it dents. Maybe if you run over it with your car.
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Well, if you're claiming it's the greatest amp out there period, then yeah, we can't take the guy seriously. And does anyone know where this so-called microprocessor is located on the amp? Or what it even supposedly does?

If he just made a cmoy and said it has crossfeed, rechargeable battery, etc it'd be all good. But he's just over the top. Just trying to milk unsuspecting newbs outta their money.

2. a used pimeta? how many fit in a tin?
A MINT does. And I've seen those go for less than the 80 bucks he's charging. (71 + 9 shipping)

And I'm pretty sure many people don't care about the tin. Hell, I bought an old supermini for 60-70 over a year ago, they go for cheaper now.
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