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You know, I'm still looking for those SA5K + AE-1 impressions. Hahahaha.

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Originally Posted by Veniogenesis
You know, I'm still looking for those SA5K + AE-1 impressions. Hahahaha.
dude, just get it, u wont regret it
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AE-1 Impression

If I say anything about it, it would be taken as an exaggeration and to personal of an opinion. That is from someone who has few high end experiences and that my having limited high each experience would be true.

From reading multiple post and the few comparisons on this forum some would say it is the equal to the Ray Samuels SR-71, some may even venture to say better, some would say it may be the equal to the Gilmore Lite with its dedicated power supply. Few would say that it fails at being a very competent amplifier.

I had in my hands both the HeadAmp AE-1 and the Headroom MicroAmp with the desktop module. The MicroAmp was very similar while on the AC adapter. MicroAmp failed to equal the AE-1 while on battery power in my opinion. The AE-1 has a better synergy with my best two headphones, the Beyer DT880 and the ATH-W1000 when compared with the MicroAmp. The AE-1 simply sounded smoother to me. Dynamics across the entire frequency range are more than adequate even with the high impedance Beyer DT880.

Since the AE-1 delivers the goods as for as sound goes(IMHO), the next most important feature that I most appreciate is the long battery life. The volume control has a nice feel about it..it is very small and light, ~7 oz. Input and outputs are on opposite sides of the face plate allowing ample space for these 'important' functions using a range of cable options. The finish is black and has a smooth feel about it. The rear has the RCA inputs or can be used as a loop out.

I listen almost exclusively using the Headroom MicroDAC as my source. The MicroDac and AE-1 are real nice components for anyone with a bent toward being portable. These highly recommended components would be great additions to anyone's portable suite in my opinion.
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I listened to a micro amp at the so cal meet, with the desktop module,
though it was a short listen, out of all the portable amps present at the meet, that was the amp I kept going back to, I really liked the sound of it.

I also thought the spacing in the jacks may be an issue with switchcraft connectors, from pictures Ive seen, but there is plenty of room, which made me happy

my next portable amp Im going to test out hopefully will be a portable Pimeta.

so far Ive listened to the super mini moy, go vibe 3, ae-1, sr-71, hornet, micro amp, and the portaphiles.

the micro amp and hornet caught my main interest at the meet, both did something different to the sound that I really enjoyed.
the sr-71 got my vote for the best looking and prettiest chasis

the micro amp had a lot of functionality such as cross feed and gain switch. Gain switch option was very useful.

I couldnt do a fair comparison as I didnt have the ae-1 with me at the time for the meet to do a side by side comparison nor did I use the same cans.

a quick impression between all the amps Ive heard were..

the ae-1 seemed very neutral and solidly built, the top end seems subdued, it was there but nothing special. A bit on the dry side for my listening preference. The size and build quality was great.

the micro amp, had a very full bodied sound, I felt there was more presence on both end of the spectrum and was very lush sounding. negatives would be the size of the enclosure, as its quite large, not very pocketable.

the hornet, was just a quick clean dynamic sound with nice top end and fast response. the gain switch was icing on the cake. plus this thing is the small. Its like tiny amp on steroids or something.

the go vibe, is a very exciting sounding amp, very quick, a bit on the thin side, but very nice sounding. the build quality was average nothing special.

When I receive the pimeta, Ill probably post my impressions of that also.

Im hoping the Pimeta will keep me busy until the hornet is publicly released.
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