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I have a question about what laid back means. Is that the sound of my sennheisers, where I hear things behind me?
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I would consider the Senn HD600s neutral and perhaps a BIT laid-back.

The K501s are a good-bit forward.

It's hard to qualify what this means but when you hear it, you'll know. It has nothing to do with the projection of the sound stage. Maybe one could describe it by saying it's how agressive the highs are presented?

At least that's what I mean when I talk about it.
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Hmmm. I'll just have to see when the headroom tour comes along in 4 days.

I'm VERY interested in hearing the AKG 501s. How do you compare them to the 600s?
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Personally, I associate these terms more w/ the feeling that you're hearing the music from a certain distance. Thus, the where-in-the-concert-hall analogy typically seen when discussing this stuff. I don't consider it to be specific to one set of frequencies.
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i always thought laid back/forward is similar to speed of attack, agressiveness and not actual soundstage, depth and perception.

I used to think the HD580 was laid back/veiled but driven by a proper amp its a very balanced and transparent headphone. The grado on the other hand sounds very aggressive, with an attack to each of its note. I dont know how it does that but its definitely there. its almost like the tempo has been turned up a notch.

there's an australian rock band called the superjesus. Though rock, they sound laid back live/on stage and with the sennheisers but some how when paired with the Grado, it pushes the sound to the edge. the signature sound is glorious and fast. the sennheiser vs grado is likened to the solid state vs tube debate.

disclamer: IMO
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