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Zanth, many thanks for doing this!

Mr Grado, you too
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great job !! Can't wait for your "report"
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thanks Zanth. can't wait can't wait.
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Oh god, I'm leaving tonight for vacation and I might not get a chance to read the interview until I get back!

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Waiting for your writeup.
All of the Lucky Headfi members who attended the 4 NY meets we held at Grado labs can attest to what a down to earth guy John Grado is.
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Three freaking hours? I hope you recorded it! Don't forget anything please!
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Wow, sounds like you guys has a great coversation! I can't wait to hear the results either. Very cool of John to bring up sensitive issues. Perhaps he does read these forums and observes what we talk and spam about in relation to Grado.

I hope you've got some good news about those portables! Grado sound in streetstyle form? Extasy!
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Thanks John and Zanth.

I look forward to reading the interview.

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Awesome, thanks Zanth and John Grado! can't wait
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Sounds great, I can't wait to read it! Good work Zanth!
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Thanks to both John and Zanth!
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Can you make it available in an audio form?
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That would be awesome, as long as he has John's permission to do so.
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Originally Posted by greenhorn
Can you make it available in an audio form?

Can't, I did not record it. I scribbled notes down while we were discussing. I have a list of questions I asked specifically, other things were answered in a general way throughout the conversation. When I post my writeup, I will write in a general way and then for specific questions as I asked them, I will give the answer. Everything will be paraphrased even though the answer will be the one John gave. I won't put any words into his mouth as it were is what I'm trying to get at.

For instance, as a teaser....we were discussing HP-1000's at one point and I slipped in, "so how many were made?"

John: "about 1000"
Me: "was that total of for each model"
John then elaborated saying that it was for all models, only 1000 were made. I can't remember exactly how he put it, but well, he gave me the answer above

I couldn't do this from my office and I don't have the capability to record at home, and if I did, in the end I would have just posted a quasi-transcript anyway. But that is neither here nor there. I did get answers for pretty well each question that was asked in that other thread I posted though
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My question is, where are the 950 pairs of HP1000s that we don't know about!
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