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HD495 v HD590

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Just bought some HD495 phones a few days ago as they were only £30.
First impressions are not very positive-they seem to distort as soon as volume is put up to a reasonable level. I have to turn the bass down on my amp to avoid this.
Not sure if they just need more breaking in or if this is just the way they are?

Anyway I'm thinking of exchanging them for some HD590's which the same shop has for £80.

How much of a difference am I likely to notice between the two?
Any other recommendations?

I am using an old Sugden A48 amp and mainly listen to rock/rap music and like it LOUD!!!

Cheers, David
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Hi David,

I can't really comment on the HD495's as I don't have them or heard them.. I do own the HD590's I am happy with them.. The only disadvantage of my HD590's is they leak a lot of sound.. So I don't recommend you get them if you are going to play in public.. If you are listening in a quiet room they are exceptional value IMO.
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I reconmend that you turn your bass all the way down and let the headphones do the bass with no bass bost.
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