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mmm,i'm so hungry now
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Dinner last night:

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Pizza is my specialty, but sadly my oven hibernates in the summer. I make the dough and sauce, shred and blend the cheese. Deep dish or thin crust depending on what I have a taste for. I've worked at plenty of pizza parlors and learned special techniques at each one. If this thread is still rolling by then I will post pics in the fall.
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Homemade pizza with EVOO/garlic/onions/mushrooms/roasted chicken/bacon/dry italian herbs/sun dried tomatoes/sheep milk feta/spinach /mozarella on the Pa's getting-to-be-famous whole wheat cracker crust:

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Wow, that pizza looks amazing. I cook here and there...got the basics for most types of food done. I really want to learn how to bake, I've never had success making any type of bread, souffle, or tart =(
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i can make ramen noodle soup and turkey sandwich
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Wow. Some photo's of food in this thread are incredible!

Anyone got any tips on taking photo's of food? Mine always seem to turn out pretty bad..
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I promised myself that after I graduated college I would start eating better. Since I havent been of the free world for long these are all Ive managed to make (usually cook twice a week):

Cooks.com - Recipe - Pasta With Scallops And Bacon (favorite!)
Salmon with Agrodolce Sauce Recipe at Epicurious.com
Lasagna with Basil and Fennel Recipe at Epicurious.com
Pork Loin Chops with Pineapple Relish Recipe at Epicurious.com
Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce, Creamed Spinach, and Truffled French Fries Recipe at Epicurious.com (close 2nd favorite)

And tomorrow Im going to make this
Pan-Seared Chicken with Tarragon Butter Sauce Recipe at Epicurious.com

I dont think any of these are particularly extravagant but Im just starting =)
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I can cook. My brother is actually a professional chef.
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Skillet Dinner with seasoned dressed green beans with almonds.

The Skillet:

The beans:

The plate:

Once again, the candle was lit. The potatoes were seasoned with Pensey's Northwoods Fire. The sausage was chicken with spinach and feta. SWMBO said it was the best yet. Glass was full (momentarily) of pinot grigio. Not shown: Heinz 57. Also not shown: drooling spaniels.
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Throw me in the cooking category. i cater
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I do ... not real often but when I Do, I kick out the culinary jams ,.... a lot of grill action this Summer as well .. been reading Steven Raichlen's books for ideas ... check his PBS show out sometime if you can .... he's a genius with the grill / BBQ
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Ever since I moved out of the dorms and had my own kitchen I've been slowly teaching myself to cook and stealing recipe's from all over my extended family. Personally I like a lot of Japanese and Italian food.

Some of my favorite dishes are a rough pesto, and authentic ramen with homemade soup broth. Oh! and I have the recipe for sausage lentil soup that Cucina! Cucina! used to serve.

I still want to learn how to make ad hoc soups and sauces from whatever is in my refrigerator. And learning some more fancy pasta dishes would be fun too.
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Love cooking from ingredients rather than just eat "ready meals". I don't have a sense of smell (and so less of a sense of taste) so I tend to follow recipes to the letter. My reasoning is, the people who have created these recipes have done all the hard work getting the correct ingredients to meld together, so the end result must be worthwhile. I can't normally taste the nuances of added herbs and spices, but put them in anyway as they are there for a reason. My other half (with a 'working' nose), will add or subtract from ingredients when she cooks, purely on the smell & taste of what's cooking.

What we do do is get fresh veg from a local (green)grocer then buy the best meat / fish / poultry we can afford, normally organic, at least free range. We buy less because of the higher cost, but ensure as little of it is wasted as possible and boy, does it taste good! My Mum also has an allotment so I get fresh fruit & veg from her throughout the summer & autumn (I give her eggs from our garden hens in return).

Other thing we do is when we find a recipe that works, we'll print it out / rip it out of the magazine / photocopy it and put it in a binder for future use. We also have another binder with possible recipies that we haven't tried yet. Not all will be worthwhile, but those that are will be kept.

I'm hungry now.

Originally Posted by iSleipnir View Post
Oh! and I have the recipe for sausage lentil soup that Cucina! Cucina! used to serve.
Any chance of this recipe, please?
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