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how many of you guys cook??? - Page 124

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^ Yes. Yes! Please share. :-)

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I'm also interested :) I love anything with dill and cucumber.

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Originally Posted by Clayton SF View Post

^ Yes. Yes! Please share. :-)

+1 biggrin.gif
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Here it is...


Potato Cuke Salad:



-3lb. potatoes (red or yukon gold)

-1-2 cucumbers
-1/2 to 1 cup greek-style yogurt, depending on how many potatoes you use

-1/2 to 1 cup Miracle Whip

-1/2 tsp. dry mustard

-2-3 tbsp. dried dill (use several sprigs if you use fresh)

-Kosher salt

-Fresh ground pepper (your choice of black, white, green, or pink, or a mixture)

-1 tsp. onion powder

-1/4 to 1/2 Vidalia onion



-Wash potatoes well, slice into 1/4" rounds, place in large saucepan or pot and cover with cold water.

-Add 1/2 tsp. salt and bring to a boil.

-Remove from heat when tender (5-8 minutes) and drain.

-Rinse with cold water to stop cooking.

-Sprinkle with Italian or balsamic salad dressing.


-Slice cucumbers and cut the slices in halves or quarters.  Set aside.


-Chop the vidalia onion into medium dices, or slice thinly.  Set aside.


-In a large bowl, combine the yogurt and Miracle Whip, and whisk until smooth.

-Add the onion powder and dry mustard, and whisk until smooth.

-Add 1/2 of the dill, and about 1/2 tsp. salt to taste.  Add the ground pepper to taste.

-Whisk again to incorporate the salt and pepper, and stir in the onion.


-Place 1/2 of the yogurt mixture in a large bowl.

-Add the potatoes and mix lightly.

-Add the cucumbers, and mix again.

-Add the remaining yogurt mixture and sprinkle with most of the remaining dill.  Mix lightly.


-Sprinkle the remaining dill on top for garnish.

-Chill or eat at room temp.


It's the best I've ever had, hands down.  I've never made it myself, but whenever my old boss makes it he uses potatoes and cucumbers from his own garden, so YMMV.  beerchug.gif

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Hey guys, have a good turkey day.  




Eat, drink and be merry.  beerchug.gif

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And the same to you! Take some pictures! And gobble up all the food and drink!

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Just made dinner for the girlfriend.


I have found a way to access my apartment building's roof. Outside of my apartment is Indianapolis's downtown view.

(There is a candle on the table, that is the red glowing thing)






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Originally Posted by TheAudioDude View Post

Here it is...Potato Cuke Salad

I'm having this one tonight,as above,thanks.
It is a good base for adding some green scallion,capers and smoked salmon too!
I would do a medium dice on the cucumber and thin chopped slices for the onion.
Good Greek yogurt is key and dressing the potatoes beforehand with a balsamic or Italian mixture.

Cantalope sized Spanish onion and baseball sized potatoes from the farm:

Black pepper and dill,Happy Thanksgiving American Neighbors:

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I cook all the time, love it. Especially love grilling meat or other types of food. I do dessert baking sometimes, but it's not my favorite since little wrongdoings can screw up the dessert. I started at an earlier age and was considering becoming a chef, but more interested in computer technology. Some of the meals I make include: pasta, bread pudding, steak, chicken, fish, herb roasted meat w/ reduction sauces (wine, fat, olive oil, etc.), citrus or cheese infused meats, chocolate lava cake, crepes, and a lot of other types of dishes.
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Okay, I need sufficient sustenance before I even begin to bake or cook for Thanksgiving dinner. So I whipped up leftovers and made fried rice with prosciutto, veggies, and broken rice. Now to bake a sugar pie!



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Only thing I made that was Thanksgiving related this year was pumpkin pie.  Went out to a restaurant in SF Chinatown for dinner :P




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Here's dinner, and yes it's missing orange and red colors, but I usually pass on sweet potato and cranberries.







And here's desert






While the butter under the skin style turkey was great, the ham was amazing.  Fantastic thick chunks of brown sugar crust outside and wonderfully smokey inside.  Probably the best ham I've ever had.  They dared me to eat that plate, like it was a challenge?

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Originally Posted by Eee Pee View Post

They dared me to eat that plate, like it was a challenge?


I've never eaten a plate before, dare or no. You're one tough individual! biggrin.gif


In all seriousness, that all looks delicious. Ham can be tricky. Get it too salty and it doesn't matter what else you do with it, it's pretty much ruined. I happen to prefer the brown sugar glaze to the pineapple and clove treatment (despite mentioning the ham and pineapple combination thing earlier in this thread), but in this household it's always the latter so I rarely get to have the brown sugar version. I also happen to like sweet potatoes, but only with loads of butter and brown sugar on them.


Usually people manage to do ham okay. I've had Thanksgiving dinner at a few different people's houses and the ham is usually the safe bet. What's amazing is how badly people manage to mess up turkey. Either they don't season it, or they don't make the skin crispy, or they overcook it. And it seems like gravy is a real stumbling block. We use the pan drippings to make ours rich and flavorful. This seems like it should be obvious, but most people I know manage to make their gravy thin and flavorless.

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Originally Posted by TheAudioDude View Post

Here it is...

Potato Cuke Salad.


Well I made it but I used Russian Banana fingerling potatoes because I already had those.

And I only had dried dill.

It tastes fantastic! Everyone loved it.






Those potatoes are about the size of a quarter and smaller.


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Did a WIENER SCHNITZEL(needs to be veal,to be authentic)with kumara/potato mash last night.

Also,green asparagus,mushrooms and baby carrots/pepper in a Sauvignon Blanc/Cream sauce.


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