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Recommendations for meeting recording device?

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I'm interested in a recording device (or devices) that will record open meetings between two or more people, in various size rooms (from small office to semi-large conference room).

Hifi sound is not of importance, but voice clarity and good mic pickup is. Digital or analog is ok, but should be able to record 2hrs at a time before media change or download. I guess a digital device would have some additional flexibility (PC-based backup & possibly voice-recognition transcription?). A single-box design is also ideal, but if separate pieces is better (recorder + mic, etc.) then describe those setups, please.

I have no experience with any device like this. Any recos for either use?
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Hi jpelg,

For phone recording you have a couple options. You can buy an in-line recording device in which one end connects to your phone line and the other end to your sound card. This enables you to record with any program you want. You can find it here.

Another option is using an external or internal 56k dialup modem to record phone conversations. The program that can used to record with a modem is called CallCorder.

Finally, Radio Shack has a couple of in-line recording devices that record to tapes and some carry microphones for normal voice recording/diction as well. Check here.
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Resurrecting this old thread I started last year because I still have need for a meeting recorder device (the phone recording part is not necessary).

Anyone have something to add here?

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Did you ever get any help with this? I am in need of similar equipment: I need to be able to record meetings with a minimum of three microphone inputs. Device needs to record digitally in .wav or .dss file format and be compatible with the olympus transcription software we use.

Olympus does not have anything that I can use.
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What I suggest is to have an on premise web conferencing appliance such as RHUB in order to record meetings, webinars, audio conferencing etc. Check it out on www.rhubcom.com

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