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Headphones and dental visits

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I was just at the dentist the other day and while I was being bombarded by the drilling sounds from adjacent rooms plus some pretty awful evelator music I couldn't help but wonder whether this wasn't the right place to bring some Etys or closed headphones and a CT 470 to make it more enjoyable. Just don't move your head in line with the rythm.....

I figured this is the only place where there may be people who have actually done it. Don't be shy, step forward, be proud...

Otherwise I will just have to move this thread to DIY and ask for somebody to build me noise cancelling headphones that can compensate for the sound of a drill in my mouth.

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I don't know about the dentist, but my SR-225's always come with me when I go see the opthomologist since I always seem to sit there for at least three hours before being seen by the doctor for five minutes.
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Sorry legoman, but noise cancelling/sealed headphones won't do

You might not *hear* the sound any more, but you will *feel* it.
Viibrations travel through bone, so you will hear the drill without the sound enetering your ear canals...

Of course they will still entertain you when you have to wait for hours and hours....
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Thats right Redwood...

The way we percieve sounds is that the ear drum vibrates and thus air vibrations are sent through the cochilia (I think thats the name, a nautilus type part of your ear).

Of course, it does not have to be the ear drum that vibrates, it can be anything (drill) and vibrations will still be sent through the cochilia. For example, bite on your teeth, that sound isn't sourced entirely from your eardrum.

Plugging your ears will only amplify the bone conduction.
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chych said...

Plugging your ears will only amplify the bone conduction.
Ugh, that is one of the last things I would want on a dentist trip!
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If you have headphones on, especially Ety's, you won't be able to hear the Dentist say "Open Wide"

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Lego, that sounds like a good idea you got going...now all you have to do is invent a pain cancelling headphone and your all set...
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How about a tooth cleaning headphone?

Ultra-sonically fresh...
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Redwoood said...

How about a tooth cleaning headphone?
The marketing would go something like, "Killer bass... no really, how do you think it gets rid of the germs? Also good for removing loose teeth!"
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My dentist has TVs installed into the ceiling above each operating (?) chair with included headphones so that you aren't bored as you are laying there with fingers prying around in your mouth. The headphones are the older, cheap Sony CD-320s I think.
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Oh, that's pretty cool.

I bet he prays they don't show 'The Marathon Man' (Dustin Hoffman, Sir Lawrence Olivier) one day.

Everybody who has seen this movie will understand...
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...or The Little Shop of Horrors
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