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New Source for Ei Elites

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Jim McShane is now carrying Ei Elites. Not the whole line yet but more to come.

A dealer a bit closer to home for most of us. If you're in Europe, Asia, or Australia then this dealer would still be closer:
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Cool, thanks! Sounds like he can get the others, he just doesn't stock them...

I just got a whole truckload of Ei Elites, and initial impressions are very good, they do indeed complete with NOS, and they certainly blow away most current stock. I highly recommend trying these out (Nick?).
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I'd love to try them. I could roll some through my Mapletree Ear 4 and Ear+, but the MG Head OTL responds the most to tube rolling.

Perhaps Jerikl will buy a few since he has my old MG Head...
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