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Rega Ear

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Is this amp any good? I know they make a good CD player and at $225 for this amp, it seems to be a good deal. Also, I read that it has a line out. Is that true too?
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Sackley, this was the first amp I purchased. It was pretty good for a cheap solid state amp. I thought it sounded better than the Creek OBH-11. It has a very clear and detailed sound, but I found it lacking in the lower regions. It had a definite solid state sound to it and was not very warm sounding. You would not mistake it for a tube amp for sure!
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Sackley, Acidtripwow described the sound very well. I like it better than the Wheatfield HA-1, which IMO sounded too warm and lacked frequency extention. The build quality on the outside can feel a little cheap, but inside is very well laid out and neat. There is an RCA output, but I don't think that the Rega changes the sound and the volume knob has no effect on the output. Also, the output is defeatable.
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I was curious about the audio out on it because I wanted to use it to hook my speakers up to and simplify the hooking up process and make a daisy chain.

Delta Dio 24/96 - Rega Ear - Speakers

For the price, it sounds like that is what I want.
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Also, do you think it would be a good combo with an HD 600?
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I assume you're talking about powered speakers aren't you? Otherwise you'd need some sort of amplification.
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Yeah, the speakers are powered.
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The amp sounds fantastic with my HD580s
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