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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

Don't underestimate a nice Jackson.

Many Hickok can't test WE tubes, most Jackson can.

They have a superior leakage and shorts circuit than Hickok, and the results are based on plate current.

Cool - didn't know that!  I have been impressed with the 658A.  It's a much older machine than the B&K 747, yet it seems to be able to test a lot more tubes.  I've actually found a few mistakes in the B&K tube test settings for some tubes.  It's fine for the prevalent tubes, but something out of the ordinary the Jackson just takes in stride.  I have to make adjustments on the B&K, though.

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Very cool gear guys - glad this post was dug up. Good to see so many keeping vintage gear in such excellent condition! That 747 is a beauty.

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I picked up a B&K 707 from an estate sale for 109.00.  Great shape and recently calibrated.  Has been very useful.






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I love my 747. I've had a 1/2 dozen different testers over the last 30 years. The 747 is my most used and most useful.



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To test and match our tubes, I found this tester also discussed here  ;)   is it any good and is there alternative testers recommended ? 






Another question : is matching usually only done based on bias reading, or it should be done on several parameters results ? 

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Mine, TV7 - D/U 
Fast and reliable. 

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