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which psb/nht models?
I am currently running some PSB Alpha A/V's as the mains with some PSB Alpha Intro L/R's as the surrounds with a Yamaha H/T at 80 watts. For H/T application they sound great, but where I am really impressed is how they sound with music. I highly recommend the PSBs.
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The JVC has plenty of power and discrete outputs so that is a good start.
I bought the B&W DM 302 for my son and a Monitor Audio ASW 100 sub. It is a really nice setup. Later I picked up some DM302 demos for $150 for myself before I went crazy and got a ton of vintage gear. The 302 received some great reviews. They are oop, yet used are available or they have a new model that is probably as good or better.
The sub sounded better than the others including the B&W. You could get a lower priced sub with the B&W book shelf speakers and have a realy nice sound. (to compare the subs turn off the regular speakers and only listen to the bass)
These replaced "white van" speakers and sounded sooooo much better. His "white van" carpet covered speakers are in the garage and for sale if you want a matched set. lol
I also have some new Warefadale tower speakers in the garage for sale. They do not sound as good as the B&W, yet they look really cool and would cost less. send a pm if interested.
I personally prefer the 70's ESS AMT 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D speakers especially for the <$500 price on e auction places. They take a lot of power, yet you could probably drive them with your 100-125 watts a channel 888 receiver.

I just bought the Sony DVD/SACD player DVD-NS500V for $170 and my CDs sound better than on my progressive scan JVC unit.

Speakers usually have a lot of mark up so used by get more bang for the buck.
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