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Purchased the Fisher KX-100 from me - fast payment and great communication throughout, couldn't ask for more! It really was a smooth transaction - would love to do business with again! Thanks!
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So lucky to get a free portable headphone amp offered by Rob. Amp arrived quickly and well packed. Thanks again for your generousness!
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I just bought a Shure SHR840 headphones from Rob & I got them just a couple of days later. It was a great transaction & I'd do business with him anytime. It was a real pleasure.
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Rob purchased a pair of Edition 8s from me. Payment was instantaneous and communication timely; a very smooth transaction. Thanks again.
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Sold Rob a pair of L3000s, very smooth transaction would highly recommend to anyone.
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I bought Rob's "Luke SkyBeyers." These are beautiful cans that have obviously been well cared for. They arrived in just a few days. Rob also sent a modest phono preamp along for free! Buy without hesitation.
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I purchased Rob's Darth Beyer V3's, he is a true gentleman and clearly an asset to Head-fi. Thanks again Rob, it was a pleasure!
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Sold Rob an Eddie Current HD300. Paid quickly, a pleasure to deal with. Would do business with again.
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just bought some tubes from this person. Arrived as described! definitely do business again.
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It was well packed and quickly shipped to me.
Would do business again any time.
Without reservation - Highly recommended.
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Bought a very nice Bendix 6080WB tube from Rob. It was extremely well packed and arrived in record time. Flawless transaction as usual. Rob is just one of those guys who makes Head-Fi such a great place. Thanks again!
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I bought Rob's Darkvoice 337 amp and the entire process was as easy and smooth as could be. This is my first tube amp, so I have had a million questions and he answered every single one of them quickly and patiently. The amp sounds great and Rob is a very nice guy, a true asset to the community. Would definitely buy/sell anytime again in the future.
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With all this positive feedback it feels like one's feedback won't matter much at all. However I wanted tell everyone that this was my first head-fi purchase (Beyerdynamic "Manufaktur" 600 ohm DT990's all-black) and I couldn't be more satisfied. Rob is a great person to deal with. I'll definitively buy from him again without hesitation.

Thank you!
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I bought some extra tubes for my DV from Rob and everything was perfect once again. He even threw in an extra pair of tubes for me. Great guy to deal with, and thanks gain for answering all the questions!
Again, highly recommended.
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Purchased a JVC DX1000 off Robert. He packed them well and they were posted out promptly. Communication was top notch and also very fast. I'd definitely deal with him in the future. Thanks buddy!
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