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Kelly, I've got some Outlaw silvers, but have not had a chance to use them for anything yet. I'll post when I do.

Wait a second, I forgot something. I did hook one of them up as a composite video cable, where it does a good job.

Still want to hear it in use for audio before commenting much on it.
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Some further observations on the Outlaw PCA.

I was using the Outlaws when I first starting comparing MOH and Max to ZOTL and HPA-1 (I've got to write that up at some point). Anyway, the Outlaw had an amazing effect of opening up the high end of the HAP-1, relative to the Silver Lace I had been using. However, as I got deeper into the comparison, I noticed that the amps I was looking out sounded very like each other, even when they should not have. The Outlaw seemed to be having a homogenizing effect on the sound. There's a very distinct sonic signature there, that can mask the sonic differences between other components. It's not necessarily bad, but once you realize it's there, it can be disquieting. In switching back to the Silver Lace, the distinct qualities of each of the amps was more easy to discern. The Silver Sonic BL-1 is also more revealing of component differences. I'm also starting to suspect that part of this is a masking of some very fine detail. This doesn't occur all the time, but I'm finding that I'm going back to my other cables more and more, even though I own a bunch of Outlaws.

My take at this point is that the Outlaw is still the best $50 interconnect you can buy. However, if you're willing to solder, the Silver Sonic BL-1 can be made at the same price (less if you use a cheap connector, as Outlaw did), and will deliver better resolution in many systems.
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Wasn't someone selling the Silver Sonics pre-assembled?
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Thank you Hirsch!

The Silver Sonics are sold assembled for $79 (half meter pair) at
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