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I've been using the Outlaw cables for more than 6 months and found them better sounding than Monster Cable, RS, and the AR Pro cables I was using previously. I have however, also noticed the low end and mid bass emphasis and the seemingly slight upper treble roll off/warmness. With my SS HT gear, this may actually be taming some of the reported brightness others are reporting with the Outlaw 950 pre/pro.

However, I am also using these cables for my Sony 555es to MG Head OTL connection and it is here that this additional mid-bass emphasis/high end rolloff may be too much. I am getting a Bettercable Silver Sonic interconnect pair (bought used) the beginning of next week, and hope to be able to post a comparison of these two cables by July 7th or so.
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Does anyone use tributaries cables or have an opinion on them vs. other cables like the Outlaws for tubes and electronics?
My budget would be ~<$100 a cable (I have 7 total).
I am using the white ones (A3) from pre-amp to crossover and then to the amps except the Dynaco 70 has the rca jacks so close together I am using a monster standard interlink 200 - shaved a bit off the rca jackets so it would fit.
I am using the tributaries "blue" delta audio for the sacd player,cassette and tuner.
I think the blue delta are $25 and the white (A3) are around $70.

This is the best <$100 cable at my local Hi end audi shop.

Also I have a tube pre-amp and tube amp for the tweeters (amt).
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I was looking around for RCA connectors once and stumbled upon a company called Ameritrade. They manufacture and sell cables that are constructed (as far as I can tell) identically to the Outlaws. You can even buy the connectors found on the outlaws at their site! Check out this picture:

price is closer to the outlaw's price than those harmonic technology cables are I think (although Ameritrade does make some extremely expensive cables). This cable sells for $83 per meter pair, and maybe if outlaw was able to OEM a large number of them then they could have brought the price down. But who knows?
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Nice Cables

I just received the Outlaw PCA (1.2m) from trade. I would like to confirm that these cable are big bang-for-the-buck! Besides their well built quality, these cables improve sound a lot, like many people claimed, especially in bass department. But no, treble is not rolled-off at all. They also tend to help midrange fuller. By the way, I have to wait til DiMarzio cables burned in first to judge. But so far, I don't regret having these cables at all. (Both Monster cables have to go back home at Bestbuy)


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FYI, the true parent company that seems to make the product for Outlaw, Ameritrade, Harmonic Tech etc. is Neotech. Based in Taiwan, here is their website:

You can really tell by the connectors, but look at the pictures etc. In their FAQ section they mention that they do OEM for a lot of high-end cable companies, but that they will not name them (for obvious reasons).

In any case, there is no way we as consumers could go with them anyway, as they also mention something like a 6000 ft minimum...!!!

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What pisses me off the most is that when I try to tell others about the Outlaw cable sonic characteristics, I get nothing but DBT ******** and anti-Outlaw folks. What can I do to avoid this if at all???
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tell it to someone who cares.
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Holy Cow...thank goodness I can edit this post now, maybe.

After three re posts, I guess I need to consider a new anti-virus program,???
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maybe i was being too cryptical. what i meant to say is that, there is little point telling everyone how great the outlaws are when they arent interested or have bridged the cable difference gap. most people dont own an audio systems that would benefit them, audiophile cables.

"tell your foundings" to someone who appreciate it and is interested in knowing. you wouldnt be very interested if i started going on about how great ming dynasty ceramics are would you? pick your audience and stop trying to convince those who arent interested and if you try be prepared to be challenged.

btw: i do like to hear people opinions on the outlaw. i've got a pair coming on the way.
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Taoster: Sorry for the BS... It wasn't me.

Please check the logged IP.
And then get back to me with the data.... hehe.
I've now changed my ID and password but I want retribution... awwww...
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not to worry.
now you have your ID and password changed all is well.
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Thread Starter 
merc seems to have been infected by what some Texans are calling "beer." Beer seeps into unsuspecting host meals and parties. Many people don't even realize they've been infected by beer until, like poor merc, they log in the next day to find what posts were written while beer was in control of the host body.

If beer comes back, I'm really interested in what the "DBT" cables he referred to are all about.
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Kelly: That was very funny... and somewhat accurate as well. But, it was margharitas and tequilla shots, not beer. We were having a bit of a party and I was showing folks how I can go online from my HTPC through my network... but, at the same time, a few of my buds were in my office, screwing with my posts and my head at the same time. That wasn't hard with the shape I was in...

Anyway, now that I've changed my password four times in the last three days... and have erased my auto password feature from my home computers, I feel much less paranoid.

As for DBT cables, I was referring to a thread over on the Outlaw forum. I made the mistake of mentioning that folks here in this thread were noting a slightly warmer sound from the Outlaw PCAs and I thought it could help to warm up the sound of the 950 preamp for those who preferred the Rotel's warmer sound.

Wow... instantly deluged with folks who tore me up one side and down the other with DBT "Double Blind ABX testing" requirements for recommending any cables. Of course, they feel that ALL cables sound alike uness a DBT is done.

Anyway, it was an interesting night.
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How does that work if there is enough beer taking over? Double Blind/Double Vision???
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Well, to get back to the original point of the thread...

I got my Outlaws in the mail today. These things are solid! And the look sexy too!!

Anyway, I would highly recommend these over anything those crappy Monsters I was using before. These ICs brought everything up a notch or two.

Also, the come in this cool pouch with a zipper. This was just a nice touch.

I don;t think one could go wrong with these ICs at this price-point!
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