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Are there any friends come from Richmond

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After "studied" several months. I decide to buy one Grado's sr60 or Sennheiser's HD497. All reviews say they work well with portables.

But I still need to make a decision: which one? I think I need to have a try before make the final decision. Now I work in Richmond VA. US for a short period. Are there any friends know where can I try these two headphones?

Thanks a lot!
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Wow, where in richmond are you? I am from there originally, Midlothian to be exact.

There's nowhere in Richmond to listen to Grados unless you get lucky: believe me, I've tried. You might be able to catch the senns somewhere -- if you look up stereophonic sound in the yellow pages (i think that was it) you'll get a list of stereo shops, some of which sell sennheiser headphones if you call around.

The best thing you could do would be to drive up to washington D.C. for the HeadRoom Tour stop this Wednesday. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to hear both headphones, and you'll also get an introduction to lots of other, more expensive, toys.

edit: I just checked, and unfortunately they are not bringing along the Grados that you want, just the 225s and 325s. Still worth the trip though, and you can get an idea of the differences in sound while talking to the guys who know about them.
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Thank you for your advice RMSzero!

I live in Glen Allen. I'm afraid I have no spare time to go to Washington D.C. this Wednesday. It's really a regret I think it will be a wonderful trip.

Maybe I will choose the 497.
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Just make sure you listen to it before you buy. I'm pretty confident that you can find it somewhere around town.
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