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Hirsch, I agree with you more. I agree with people who report percieved difference, it is just that some like to say it is fact that cables make a difference.

I agree, it is perceived.
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i really don't want to get in a flame war.

Like I said, it is when people refuse to look at the possibilties that I get mad.

At least admit that it is perception, and that maybe the little refluxutions in a headphones driver are not any different between any good cable.
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Granted, that within the realms of practicality there should be no difference... but, my test which I highlighted in my first post... that must have some merit?!
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Duncan, I congraduate for questioning your findings...

Not enough Headfi's ask themselves questions. We need more HEadfi's like you.
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Despite the fact that you have your believes in cable, you read me article seriously. You didn't reply with a stupid "Your point being?"

Some people would rather just post "Your point been?" than question there beliefs.

That is what I like about you, Duncan.
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I'm not so much questioning my own beliefs and opinions... rather just looking at things from both sides of the equation... YES, I CAN hear a difference, but - there will be other people that can't - and I wouldn't force MY opinions upon them particularily... if they don't then its either their loss for missing out on a good upgrade, or my own for enjoying the components more than the music
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I must confess, I've not done much with speaker cables other than to follow sound, tried and true engineering practice.

The sonic difference between interconnects however is an entirely different matter.

Let's not mix discussions between the two, ok?

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Why do these guys always demand proof that cables make a difference, as if we have an obligation to prove something we already know for the benefit of someone we've never met?

My experience is clear and unequivocal: cables make a big difference. As far as I'm concerned, that is a fact which has been demonstrated to my satisfaction. I have no obligation or interest in proving it to someone else, particularly when that other person clearly demonstrates that their mind is closed on the subject.

This is now a "DBT-free forum". Is there any chance it could also be made a repetitive "cables-make-no-difference free" forum?

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If you like your cables good for you.

But, I would rather spend the money on an amp or headphones, things that nobody can deny make a difference.
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Maybe cables do make a difference....

Ross, all things considered equal, if there is a side that can easily provide proof, and a side which can't, I am more inclined to believe the side which was proof.
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Ask me if I care what you believe.

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Ross, could you be a tad nicer....this is a forum where we share our believes....could you stop insulting me on every thread!
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I liked that article, because it shows both positions over the cable issue, and clearly states what are expert's most common opinions about cables.

And to DarkAngel: don't worry, in a few days you will know more about the cables I use and some practical experiences over cables. And you are right on considering that Czilla9000 is some kind of pal to me, in the sense that he wants to know a little more about the facts behind this cable issue. You know, I wasn't born thinking that cables didn't make a difference.

I'd follow Czilla's recomendations about how to spend your money. Speakers and headphones ALWAYS make a difference. Room acoustics make a difference. Amps and cd players sometimes make a difference. Cables make a difference only if are weird built or have defective connectors, or are very bad quality and over long distances.

By the way, I wouldn't say that regular stock interconnects are that bad. May be bad (noticeable noise pickup) if too long.
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Again, some of you are making a big mistake in lumping speaker cables and line level interconnects together. They're not at all the same in any respect. To purport or assume to do so is further evidence of abysmal ignorance. Please wake up and start listening to the music instead of listening to others.

Happy Listening!
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kw....when we say cables we mean ICs.
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