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What is your opinion towards Sennheiser eH-2270?

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Well.. I bought them a month ago.. and still using them with my Slimx.. too bad at that time I didnt have any experience with head-fi.

What is ur opinion? I heard the phone is overly bright?Just want to make myself feel better abt my uneducated purchase.. hehe...
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Guyferd, I'm not saying that the EH 2270 is overly bright. But I am actually saying is that the EH 2270 isn't worth the price that you paid for it; you'll hear a lot of ringing and echoing noises (resonances) that will screw up the sound coming out of those EH 2270's.
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Well.. I don't know if it's overpriced but I got mine for US$80... since you said the headphone is bad.. I plan to sell it and get something like HD280pro, how much will that cost ?
Is the sound significantly better?
What other choices do I have other than hd280 pro?
I'm looking for dynamic, clear, phone with good bass that can be easily driven to be used for my pc and cd player.

Also.. how much do the senn 580 and 590 cost there?(I stay in singapore so I don;'t know the price), anyway, the sennheiserusa.com website doesn't give the correct pricing for thir products)(ehy2270 is quoted 199US :P)
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The EH 2270 is a big step down in sound quality from the HD 280 Pro due to the excessive empty air space inside the EH 2270's closed earcups. This hollow empty air-filled EH 2270 is to blame for the lackluster sound quality. The HD 280 Pro has much less empty air space inside its earcups, so it sounds much better.

BTW, the average selling price for the HD 280 Pro is $10 to $20 higher (in the U.S.) than the EH 2270.
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How much is the Hd580 and 590 in your country? The 590 looks really nice and from what I heard sounds good and easily driven.

How are they compared to hd280 pro? which is better? I know that 280pro is cheaper.. but some people said that their bass is better( I love bass hehe...)

Also, comfort is another one.. I need a good and comfortable phones for hours of listening

Hd280 pro or hd580/590?
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The HD 580 and the HD 590 are both open-air headphones, not closed ones -- so they can't be compared directly with the HD 280 Pro. And not only that, but the HD 580 and HD 590 are different from each other in character, as well; the HD 590 is quite a bit brighter than the HD 580 (the higher frequencies of the HD 590 has been boosted a bit).
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I shall get the 280s then!

How long is the break-in time? What is the correct method? I have heard a few. Would it be OK to just plug em to my sblive and run my whole collection of mp3s over few nights?

Thanks for all the reply eagledriver!
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