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Sony MDR-cd250 Digital Reference

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Anyone ever use a pair of these. They're my current good headphones that I use for my computer with my old JVC VR-5505 receiver. I don't even know how many years old they are but I've never been able to really find any mention of them. Perhaps it is my inexperience with nice sound equipment but I just love these cans. Oh well, jsut owndering if anyone has ever listened on a pair or owns a set.
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My experience with the lower MDR-CDxxx line is very positive. I have the CD870 and it is a very good sounding headphone. Good spectral balance and a broad soundstage. Soundstage broadens to a fault though... there's far right and far left, but no one is on center stage. Live recorded guitar and vocal solos sound like theyre being sung from back stage somewhere... OK Im exagerating perhaps a little, but there is a distinct "hole" where center stage should be.

You can find em for under $50 used on ebay. For that price theyre a real bargain. I use em for casual listening when I just want to relax and fall asleep.

Someone on the forum scored an MDR-CD2000 for $50, also a great deal.

I have an MDR-CD770 coming, got it for $35 shipped.

No first hand experience with anything lower than the CD380... sorry

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I've owned my Sony CD250's for about 30 years, maybe longer.  Although they don't possess the noise canceling technology of today they still deliver.  I just listened to the Abbey Road medley at pretty much full volume and the sound is as crisp today as it was when I first got them. No distortion and no vibration.  I keep looking at the Bose noise cancelling headphones and have to remind myself that the 30 year old Sony's that I have at home although not as technologically sophisticated as the Bose still deliver kick ass sound!

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I have had my Sony MDR-CD250 DR head phones for 20 years, but I hadn't used them for about 10 years. I had them in a bag and stored with some other audio equipment.  One day I decided to do some mixing, and I put them on and they worked just great.  The sounded just like new, but when I took them off I discovered that the ear pads had softened to the point of mush, and my ear was covered with what used to be the pads.  I want to continue to use them, but can't find replacement pads.   Any suggestions?

  Long live the 250's.  :wink_face:  Jim

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Holy necro-bump!!  9+ years???  Seriously?


Fast forward to 2014, that MDR-CD770 is my worst sounding headphone by far.  Its all mids and upper midbass with some grainy treble on top.  Its comfy, and the cord is really long but thats about it.  I was using it at work for video conference calls.  I cant express how bad sounding this headphone is... The OEM apple earbuds that came with my iPhone HANDILY trounce it.

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OK Kramer, you got me there.  They are old, but they still work.  How can I throw something away that still works.  It just needs to be modified. I have tried some of the new ones in the $200 dollar range, and wow, there is a big difference, but that's two hun I could use for  other things. Maybe in time, but for now I'll just have to get by.  My 250's just told me thanks for not tossing me into the trash just because my original cushions melted from old age.  It's funny how the time goes by so fast these days.

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Yeah, right on.  For now they are fine. :darthsmile:

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Did you ever find replacement ear pads for your SONY CD250? I need some as well.


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Hi Mr. Tree,

  Sorry about taking so long to reply, but I read your email on my IPad, and couldn't respond due to the fact that I couldn't remember my password.  I just looked it up.

  Well you know, I tried and tried to find the replacement pads, and finally gave up. There seems to be replacement pads for everything but the cd-250. I called Sony and they told me to buy new ones.  Well that weekend I saw some old off the wall head phones at a garage sale for a buck. I bought them, took the pads off, and they actually fit pretty good, but they are saturated with cigarette smoke, so at this point I am just using my ear buds.  I'll eventually buy some new phones, but for now the buds are fine.  After all, the cd250 is pretty darned old. I didn't realize so much time had gone by, but time flies, so don't nap for to long or your pc will be ready for the trash too.

  Now, on the other hand.....if you do find some suitable pads for that head set online somewhere, and you buy them, and they work, kindly let me know where to get them.  I might still be in the market.

  Thanks,  Jim

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This is normal after being stored so long that the earpads went mush. What I did is cut from two regular dishwasher sponges of different colors, two squares to cover the exposed tiny speakers and glue them on the can. It works like a charm with the advantage of the porous sponges adding ventilation, so no more sweat with extended listening!

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