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PM/Email surrogate to Tomcat

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I just tried to send Tomcat a private message, but apparently he hasn't activated these. I tried email, then, but there's no address available either, so I have to post this in a thread - and as I already have written it in German, I'll just paste it in here (if you're curious: I'd mainly like to know, whether there's a straight cable version of the DT770 Pro 250). Alright, here it is:

Huhu Tomcat,

mittlerweile bin ich ja schon schweinsneugierig auf den 770er geworden, aber Spiralkabel kann ich nicht ab. Weisst Du zufaellig (oder absichtlich ), ob's das Ding auch mit einem geraden Kabel gibt? Dann muesst ich mir doch glatt noch einen organisieren... Oder meinst Du, fuer mich waer der 990er sinnvoller, weil ich offene Hoerer gewohnt bin?

Winke, Gruesse nach Frankfurt & bis demnaechst in diesem Theater!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: Ausserdem wuerde mich interessieren, wieviel schwerer sich der 770er gegenueber zum Beispel meinem DT531 traegt - wegen des Federstahl- statt Plastikbuegels, mein ich...

P.P.S.: Eigentlich sollten wir den Beyerdynamikern mal vorschlagen, ein Werbegeschenk-Programm einzufuehren - so a la "fuer jeden Konvertiten-Werber eine Bohrmaschine" oder derlei...
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For anyone who doesn't speak German - we are just chatting about the secretive German ploy for world domination through professional Beyerdynamic headphones. Nothing much to worry about.

To answer lini's main question: I don't think that there is a version of the 770/990 Pros with straight cable. And I think the cables aren't easily exchanged on the 770/990s either.

Regarding lini's question about comfort: the 990 Pros are more comfortable because they are open. If it's hot - as it has been in Germany during the past weeks - it tends to get a little sweaty under the closed 770s.

About this e-mail thing: I figure I am spending too much time at Head-Fi as it is. Engaging in personal conversation via e-mail would be even more time-consuming. And probably most discussions are interesting enough to be simply posted and to be read by everyone. But if anyone feels an irresistible urge to send me an e-mail, just click the contact link on my web-site: www.moeller-horcher.de
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