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Press Release: Audiophile Batteries

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California, LA - Today, Czilla9000 Audio Tech (TM) (NSDQ: CZAT), the worlds leader in audio accessories for demanding listeners, unleashed its newest product aimed to increase the enjoyment of Audio Enthusiasts** (TM) world wide - The Velocity (TM) and Rampage (TM) line of professional audiophile batteries (Copyright 2002, Czilla9000 Audio Tech, inc., TM) - which are the first** of its kind.

The batteries promise** better battery longevity**(TM) and increased sonic satisfaction ** (TM) through its patented** "SuperAmp" (TM) techology.

"SuperAmp (TM) helps regulate the output voltage for superior sonic satisfaction**(TM) and increased battery longevity**(TM). Users of the Rampage Series (TM) will appreciate TitaniTech (TM) connectors for more pleasing** output ", says Czilla9000 Audio Tech Chief Scientist, Biff Barkley, on Friday.

"This marks a turning point for our company, and for users seeking sonic satisfaction** (TM) ", says company CEO, Czilla9000, on Saturday.

Critics agree, that the new batteries deliver incredible performance**:

"...balanced sound...Czilla9000 Tech has found inself a new market niche, one which we have all been waiting for for"

"...superior design...awesome sound..."
- Good Sound

"great improvement" - Sound and Vision

Price is still being established at this time, although a pack of 24 Batteries should be between $350- $2,000 depending on the model.

Shares of CZAT were up 1 1/2 today.

**Czilla9000 Audio Tech and its partners are not responsible for any claims of increased sound quality. We are not claiming increase sound quality or longer battery life. We are claiming sonic safisfaction, which can come in any form.

*Batteries are not certified rechargables. Recharge at your own risk.
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"24 Batteries should be between $350- $2,000 depending on the model"

They damned well better las a LONG damned time!
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What?! Cost-benefit ratio is in the toilet. Lithium batteries are far cheaper and offer rock steady voltage until they expire.

What on earth are they talking about? What home equipment uses batteries? Would you put a $100 battery into your $150 portable?

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Jokes on me. CZAT is not a recognized NASDAQ trading symbol. Czilla9000 is playing a joke.

Really got me going.
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Originally posted by Jeff Guidry
Jokes on me. CZAT is not a recognized NASDAQ trading symbol. Czilla9000 is playing a joke.

Really got me going.
LOL. I saw your first post and laughed.
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There is a sucker born every minute...

Hey...people clame that cables with the same basic properties sound different than others....and some people swear by power strips and cables...so why not batteries
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i hate all this audiophile BS but batteries can definately make a huge difference.

The battery's internal resistance determaines how quickly the power supply can supply current for transients. Capacitors in the powersupply are basically "fast batteries".

definately makes a hell of a lot more of a difference than cables and powerstripes combined.

that said, a $5 NimH battery will be more than good enough for most battery-powered equipment and can sound noticably better than alkaline, carbon-zinc, etc...
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Actually thomas, I just did some research, and I agree

Batteries improving sound actually seems alot more...well...scientifically believable than cables (note, I am not trying to start a flame way, I never said cable do not matter).

What do ya recommend that aren't rechargables? I currently have Duracell Coppertops? They any good? I have an Airhead coming soon.
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for an Airhead, any good, hogh capacity NiMH rechargeables will work great.

Which Airhead? 3volt, 4.5 volt or 9 volt.

I have a 3 volt TAH that I run on Panasonic 1600mah NiMH's and it's great.

Just got a 9 volt TAH that right now is running on alkalines. Plan to get a wall-wart when Headroom gets them and probably some Plainviews.
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dunno much about individual brands, its impossible to find that information.... But in general, any NimH or Nicad will do better than an alkaline.... for non-rechargeables, probably go for the lowest price/longest life, which would be low-cost alkalines like rayovac maximum/radioshack.... Duracel Ultras are the one type that do have significantly longer life than others, but for double the cost, they;re not worth it. Avoid carbon zinc, aka "heavy duty" batteries as they have less than half the capacity of an alkaline...
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I've noticed some alkaline batteries give noticably worse sound on my GameBoy Advanced to the point of noticable background humming. Nimh's cleaned that problem up entirely.

If batteries matter on a handheld portable in regards to sound, it also matters in portable amps. But generally I go for the best price-performance NIMH batteries. Unfortunately although the AA Nimh battery market is well established and I know what is good or not for cheap, the 9V Nimh's don't seem to have too much going on besides the PlainViews which I might get eventually.
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Ummm Ross, how was I being a sceptic....It was all good fun.

Plz stop being so vicious towards me.
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Alright, I will stop being vicious, although I was just starting to have fun.

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