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lol flasken.

Personally, I can't WAIT to compare my 580s with the 501s. I mean, bass isn't THAT important to me. . .
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I mean, bass isn't THAT important to me. . .
Then you are in for a treat with the 501's!
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Originally posted by Flasken

Oh no MacDEF!! Now you, once again, single handedly started a HD600/K501 Battle!!
LOL! No, he did! (I just had to joke about it, cuz if I had said what he did, all hell would have broken loose and I would have been flamed quite nicely )
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Saying the K501 has weak bass is a bit like being in Texas and saying, "It sure is hot." No matter how true it is, nobody suffering from it wants to hear it again and the rest of us just think, "well no ****."
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I guess managed to avoid starting the war up again...maybe its cause I own them that I can say that they have flaws....

I have to say though, that with a judicious amount of bass boost in the right place, the 501's sound really good, especially for the price that I paid for them ($100 or so).
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i too got in early on the k501 and got them for $88 shipped or whatever it was. and i have to say: nice phones. but are they better than the hd600's? not by a longshot. however, considering that they can be found for less than half the price, i think they are a GREAT way to start off a headphone addiction. only problem is you need a decently powerful solid-state amp to really make them sing. but i mean, k501's and a little.. for around $500 you can have an awesomely detailed and accurate headphone setup with serious room to grow.
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