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Need recommendation on amp for Senn 580

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I am getting a Sennhesier HD 580 pretty soon and need some recommendations on what amp I should get. My sources will be my sound card and cd player. My budget is around $200. I've read some past reviews and the Creek OBH 11 seems like the only amp I could get at this price. However I would also consider using a portable amp as my main amp since I have enough money just to buy one amp. So what do you think of the Creek OBH11 or a portable amp? Out of the portables the Total Airhead and Jan's upcoming portable seem like my only choices. Is the Creek clearly superior to the TA with the Senns? Thanks!
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I haven't heard the TA. The Creek however is the best you can do for 200 USD. It is small but not portable in a sense that it's not battery powered.
You have 2 options, wait for the upcoming PortaCorda or save some more cash and go for Grado RA1.
The latter is perhaps the best solution for a battery powered amp that is good for at home listening also.
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from what I've read, the TA is not quite as powerfull as the creek and might not be enough for a heavy load like the HD580. I'd say the creek is easily superior. Question really is, do you need a portable amp? the hd580 isn't all that portable (big heavy and the long cord ain't helping much either). better get some mx500 earbuds for on the go and a stationary amp like the creek. on a plane or in a bus/train whatever the 580 (and the mx500 as well I'd imagine) is quite useless as it doen't block out any sound at all.

I'm highly interrested in the upcoming PortaCorda, might be a good contender as well, but at only about 125$ I don't think it'll win from the Creek, but the P-C has a crossfeed as well which might be cool.

so, get the Creek if you don't really need to take the hd580 everywhere.
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I haven't tested the outer limits of high amplitude with the Total Airhead and my HD-600's -- I tend to listen at quiet to moderate levels -- but the Total Airhead drives my HD-600's as loud as I like to listen to them, and very clearly. It also has suprisingly good and solid bass output with my HD-600's.

I also owned the Creek OBH-11, and I'd recommend going with it if your amp will likely not be needed for portable use. However, if you do need a portable, and your budget is around $200, I very much recommend the Total Airhead for use with the HD-600's (and so also the 580's).
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