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Can the Grado SR-80's be driven by an Apple iPOD?

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post on Head-Fi

I own an Apple iPod (Maximum output power 60 mW rms -30 mW per channel)

I am using a pair of Sony E888-LP earphones with the iPod right now, but I would like to buy a pair of full size headphones for the iPod because Im sick of wearing the earbud's.

So my question is, does the iPod have enough power to drive the Grado SR-80's to the full extent? Since I am not planning to purchase a headphone amplifier, which headphone would sound better with the iPod - Grado Sr-60 or Grado Sr-80?

I have read on "Headroom" that the Grado Sr-80's might require a headphone amplifier to out-perform the Grado Sr-60's. I don't mind spending the extra 30 bucks to get better results, but my biggest concern is whether the Sr-80's can be driven by my iPod.

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Welcome to Head-Fi, Justin.
I occasionally use the SR-60s with my iPod and the sound, to my ears, is excellent. The SR-60s are actually more efficient than the E-888s, and produce more volume at the same volume setting on the iPod. My son uses the SR-80s with his iPod and loves the sound. I don't think you'll go wrong with either Grado. Auditioning is the best course of action. Hope this helps.
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The SR80 handles bass better than the SR60, I've been told - I have a 60 and a 225 - and a 60mw output should be plenty to drive either phone.

Just one problem.

The Grados are extremely 'leaky'. That is, anyone sitting next to you will hear practically all of what you're hearing. It also work the other way - outside noise very easily intrudes into your listening experience.

I use the Grados usually only at home.
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Welcome to Head-Fi, Justin!

Just a potential further problem. Since all of the portable MP3 players I know have an early bass roll-off with low-impedance headphones, I expect the same of the iPod with the 32 ohms of the Grado SR 80 – which, by the way, connected to my Archos Studio 20, have by far not the low bass response they have with my Porta Corda.

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Hi Justin,

Do you mind sharing with us what kind of music you listen most? I own both SR60 &80, they both sound ok on my PCDP. However, I would recommend SR60 over SR80 as I found the SR80s are too bass heavy for my taste on most of the pops. Anyway, that could be just personal taste, listen yourselves to determine what's right for you.

Will you consider Koss KSC-35? Personally I think it can reach 8-90% performance on portable players against SR60. What's more they now sell for around USD20.
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By the way, have all of you tried the new earpads for the Grados? Just such an incredible difference - both in terms of comfort (no more being pricked by hairs trapped in the pads) and in sound (one demerit - the SR60's sound shriller, but hey, there's always the Treble knob).

But $20 is taking the p**s. I paid it tho... Guess I'm the fool.
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Where on earth did you get those pads? I am looking for a pads to replaced the stiff SR80 pads that hurt my ears. BTW, r they the same as the SR60 pads?
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IMHO, the iPod has a pretty darn good headphone out- it even drives my Ety 4S without sounding thin. Sure, when I stick a META42 in between, it gets better, but not *THAT* much better!
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Etymotic ER-4S = 107 ohms;
Grado SR 60 + 80 = 32 ohms!!!
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