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Originally Posted by mattigol
Would I be able to run my Ipod into the aqvox via the Ipod's bottom-port/USB cable?
Somehow I doubt it, but it would be a *killer* feature for iPod. I guess I would be giving Headroom money for a portable amp with DAC soon.
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cosmo: I think I haven't thanked you for the helpful comparative impressions, yet - so thanks a lot for the helpful comparative impressions!

Greetings from Hannover!

Manfred / lini

...still corked with Imodium. Go revenging on somebody else, *$%&+ Montezuma!
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Sorry to revive this semi-dead thread, but cosma I was wondering whether you had any experience with D/A on the behringer 2496 (from your posts it looks like you did). Could you possibly compare it to the AQVOX and Benchmark. Thanks for all your really great posts.

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Originally Posted by toor
Sorry to revive this semi-dead thread
I don't think we have any rules on Head-Fi on "disturbing the dead". It is way better to revive an old thread than to open a new one since you are more likely to get read by someone in the know
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I use the DEQ2496 for equalization purposes but completely in the digital domain.

For normal use I am using a Bryston SP1.7 for conversion. When I had this unit at the factory for an upgrade I switched to the DACs in the Behringer.

The sound was comparable to the DACs on my old M-audio sound card but not in the league of the Bryston. I only listened to the Benchmark for testing purposes but from memory it was a bit more resolving then the Bryston but sounded dry in comparison. Both sound way more refined than the Behringer.

Then there is the issue of idle noise. When you turn on the Behringer and there is no digital input the analog stages output hiss at least on my firmware version. This is pretty annoying.

On the other hand the digital equalization works rather well and has helped taming some of the modes in my room.


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Hrmmmm, thanks for the post. I guess its back to the VDA or MicroDAC.
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Would these

German made MindPrint Converters,

UK made Sonifex Sonifex RB-DAC1 Digital to Analogue Converter

be a fair addon to this thread? (price group ~200€ - 800€))

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Thomas, thanks for your opinion. I'm still evaluating what option would be better for me. I was starting to think about using the Behringer DEQ as a digital-analog converter for the PC, and buy a standalone CDP as the Eastsound E5, but if the Behringer is much, much worse than a good DAC like the AQVOX or the Eastsound... I believe the Behringer is easily comparable to cdps in the 300€ range, maybe higher, but I haven't done any serious comparative.

I'd like to hear more about the AQVOX. Many are comparing the Eastsound with the Meridian G08 or the Beredsen, but what about the AQVOX? How it compares with these players?

P.S: Cosmo, the Behringer is ugly indeed .
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I have the Aqvox Dac on order, should arrive any day now. Will pair it with a Blue Jeans Cable digital interconnect and my Rega Planet as transport. Apparently the Aqvox' designer Candeias also licenses technology to C.E.C. (what does this acronym stand for anyway?), which sells a DAC very similar in specs at 1200€. For the lack of any other decent source I will only be able to compare the Aqvox to the standalone Planet. Maybe I am going to take it to a local hifi store and compare to other sources as well, as time allows.

Will report back as soon as I have the unit broken in.

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This Aqvox looks very interesting and it looks like the sound signature was just what i was looking for - something analogue-ish and more rounded without "interpolating" the signal so that details are lost.
Does this 14 day trial apply to countries outside Germany too ?
Is it available in black ?
Not that i will copy your setup, Cosmopragma it's just a DAC that hits a certain good price level and am looking at a way of improving sound.
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I think the 14 day money back is EU legislation, but you'D have to check with aqvox directly to make sure. They don't have a black model planned in the near future. I asked twice, they said no.

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yup just found out that it's an EU legislation, at least for some EU countries. Shame that there will be no black version, but it's the inside that counts isn't it ?!

A minor issue though is that on all the pics i've seen; when the DAC isn't powered all buttons look like they are made of dark blueish plastic. But when it's powered and turned on, the buttons are illuminated - how does that work ?
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may this a great DAC Attraction DAC
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Originally Posted by kytuphicanh
may this a great DAC Attraction DAC
Like the BYOB amplifier, the complete electronic assembly of the Attraction DAC is vibrationally optimized, as the pcb is flat-press-mounted on a specially treated spruce-board. This construction is time-consuming during manufacture, but improves sound quality, as all components are mechanically coupled to a musical sound board.
Yes, it's extremely time-consuming! Does he sell mahogany upgrade boards too ? Sorry, couldn't resist
Looks nice and compact though!

Btw: Cosmopragma and Mattigol (and other owners of the AQVox DAC), AQVox recently wrote this on their website (main page): "NEW: ASIO driver - bypassing the Windows K-Mixer (on request)". i'm pretty sure they didn't state that yesterday.
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