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Cowbell sounds best through Triports.
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Wow the triports....never has a can felt so right on my head (before I started listening to it)! And the noise reduction really does let you concentrate on the quality coming out of good old L and R...
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Could I try your Triports really quick?
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I didn't know it was April Fool's already...

Ok, seriously, they did not give me STD's when I used them to liven up my sex life.
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The Bose Triports are so desirable in the movie industry that they cost $150 to rent for one month's shooting! My sister couldn't afford such delectable extravagance, so she dumbed down by borrowing my DT770s for the shoot, poor gal.
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this thread gonna mislead a lot of newbie
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Bose not only sound good but also looks good. Grado looks like it is from the 70s. Sony mdr-r10 looks freaking ugly what is wrong with the Wood on it.

Overall, triport looked the best.
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Originally Posted by Mercuttio
Here's the triport Smiley:
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Originally Posted by canloader
I was on my way to the local Hi-Fi shop and decided to stop at Wal-Mart for shaving cream when low and behold the most beautiful cans I've ever laid my eyes on were stacked six high and ten deep. BOSE tri-ports! I asked the clerk if I could demo them since I had my iPod with me and WOW! I bought three pairs on the spot. Check the for-sale forums.. 'cause all my gear is going! Thank you BOSE !
Seeing as how I can't afford this wonderful can, I wanted something full sized, so at least from afar people could mistake them for triports, so I was wondering how much you were selling your DT880's for...
Please help out a poor Uni Student that cant afford the audio bliss that the triports deliver!
Woe is me!!!
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I think that the Bose triport's prove that high-performance sound can come in a lightweight package. I can hear the full spectrum of my music whether I'm plugged into my computer or on the go with my portable media device. The Bose headphone technology really reveals the rich acoustical landscape of my music.

Bose's proprietary acoustic equalization delivers the rich nuances of my music that I often lose with my Sennheiser HD600's. With the Triports I hear the intricate notes of an acoustic guitar, the full range of vocals and even the beat of a drum with greater impact. The triports put it all together: high performance sound, comfortable fit, and stylish design for an eye-catching, orgasmic auditory experience.
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Even with a broken headband sound still comes out of both drivers.

All those headphones with single-sided cords must be jealous.

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"I'm sorry but $300.00 is way too much to pay for a pair of earphones this size. The sound quality is great but the money could be better spent elseware. Say... BOSE. They have a pair of headphones (QuietComfort. 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling. headphones) that have a sound that can't be beat. Now, granted, they are larger but if we are talking sound... they are the best! Hmmmm. I wonder why it is that BOSE's headphones are in every iPod in every Apple Store. I wonder..."
-e4c review, Apple Store

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"..I don't know how this got started - but I can tell you, how it will end..."[NIN]
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The Bose TriPort is similar to other headphones.

The TriPort also has a headband, two driver housings, earpads, and a cord.

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The other day at Best Buy I struggled, but finally managed to pry one of my fellow BOSE-lovers off one of a pair of these amazing phones so I could try them after having waited in a line for an hour to sample but a small pill of this percription for eargasmic viagra.

As I bestowed the headphones upon my head the essense of the amazing build quality reached my nose and I breathed in the vapors of the beautiful class A+++ pleather and plastic materials. Either that or it was the cheap cologne of the guy behind me. But trust me, these headphones, having been hand-manufactured in the jungles of Brazil by third world country natives, are of simply unbelievable quality. I've heard unbelievable reports of failure rates as low as 87.3%.

But hey, the build quality is just the toxic polyurethane staining agent on top of this beautiful hand-carved wooden statue of acoustic madness! As the music flowed into my ears I felt myself trembling with musical stimulation and sweating uncontrollably. When I started bleeding internally, I was unfortunately forced to push the pause button and interrupt the beautiful melodies that had left my earsdrums smoking and bleeding. I left the hospital the next day with my mind set on owning a pair of these amazing incarnations of mystical forces beyond our ability to process, and a bill for $500.00

I may be banned from Best Buy for accidentally uttering profanities and thrashing about on the floor meanwhile injuring a couple innocent bystanders and the employee who pushed my thumb down on the pause button, but I shall never need to visit there again once I invest in a pair of these amazing headphones.
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