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Bose Triport Thread

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Hi folks, I've heard so much about the unique characteristics of the Bose Triports and their unmatched performance as well as their exceptional build quality that I thought it would be great to start a thread to show just how deep our appreciation of Bose for creating these headphones goes. Many have considered their impact on the audio marketplace to be closely akin to the huge splash that went out when William Shatner and Michael Hassellhoff (oopsie, make that David Hasselhoff) first plopped into sight with their works displaying uniquely unmistakable intelligence and emotional depth.

Now of course, there is a small fringe that likes to make disparaging remarks about these headphones which in my opinion represent some of the world's finest marketing efforts not to mention some of the most singular audio engineering ever to have graced the head of any person in search of that singular quality and cost consciousness that has become Bose's trademark signature in the audio world. (Yeah, I know, they don't have the stone cool good looks of the Jecklin Float, but nothing is perfect ). Anyway, if person's wishing to comment negatively on these headphones could please refrain from posting in this thread it would be appreciated!

We're looking for some real feedback here to make up for the apparent attempt by Apple to sabotage the Triport by putting out mostly malfunctioning models in their stores. Remember we want to give folks a good idea of the experience which they will be in for after their decision to purchase these stunniingly unique works of the Bose Corporation.

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The Triports are the comfiest cans EVER! They also sound amazing connected to a Dynahi+Wadia!

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i dont know if i could live with the ownership rewards that come with a piece of gear like the bose triports. maybe someday.
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I've said it before, and now again:

Listen to your favorite music with Bose headphones, then listen to 4'33. You will be in heaven for almost five minutes It's well worth suffering through listening to mangled renditions of your favorite music.
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Bose marketing attracted me to the high end audio world. The Triport was my first pair of headphones I owned in high school. They were really are confortable but I out grew them...
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Ill never be able to afford such a fine product though. sign.
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Once I listened to Bose Triports and the next day I did not contract the Ebola virus. That's one of the first things I look for in a headphone; that it doesn't give me a deadly virus. Those Tripots passed the test with flying colors!!! Did I mention my car didn't break down either?? Don't know how those wacky BOse engineers do it!
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You think the Triports are good...wait till you try the Quiet Comfort 2!
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Trip-Orts will GET YOU LAID!

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They give great isolation from outside noise! So much so I can really hear the detail of that great one note bass over and over................ OH man I love that one note!

Great thread BTW. Someone will do a random search on google and come across this threat and what a pore misled man he will be. Maybe Bose can even work this into there marketing plan. I can hear it now “Triports, critically acclaimed by headphone enthusiast at Head-fi.....”
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to keep on topic and prevent thread locking...
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I must admit that the thought of the ease with which duct tape could be enslaved to set the unique look of these cans off from the other competitors really never occurred to me. I've been using narrow strips of alumin which have caused some problems since they were center mounted and free to twirl around in a circle causing some smirks from bystanders and cat calls of propeller head! Already this thread has enriched my life in ways I never thought I'd experience. I also was struck by the manner in which the fine Bose marketing campaign has singled out this thread and made it, its own by way of the banner ads at the top of the page! Three cheers for Bose marketing and their neverending efforts to make the ownership of this rare experience endemic!

BTW - I forgot one important point about these fine headphones that sets them apart from most of the Bose lineup. While traditionally, Bose has aimed for a sound that critics described with the pithy phrase, "No highs, no lows, must be Bose" in this case, they have shattered those preconceptions with a revolutionary reversal of approach that truly puts the lie to the old adage!
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Bose is the most revolutionary company ever to surface in the audio industry.
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Bose tRIPOFFs are the best cans!
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