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Senn HD280 + Airhead (4.5v) + SlimX

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This post is in some ways a follow up on a few other threads. I purchased the 280s a few weeks ago and have been running them directly from my SlimX. I've commented in other threads that I thought these phones needed an amp, because I felt the sound directly out of the portable was anemic and lacking in bass. I ran the headphones out of my fairly low end home theater receiver (Sony 830), and the sound was much improved. I've seen messages concerning how good the SlimX headphone output is supposed to be, and that others think the 280s sound fine without an amp.

I recently purchased an Airhead from a fellow head-fier and have had some time to listen to SlimX > Airhead > 280 set up and feel that I can now comment on the 280s out of the SlimX with a bit more detail.

I used Close to the Edge (YES) as my source material, ripped via the LAME settings recommended in Nezer's sig. The most obvious problem with the sound without the amp was that the drums sounded as if someone put cardboard over them -- little thuds instead of "real" drum sounds. A lot of the sound seemed to be missing. I tried listening to the Close to the Edge CD directly and with respect to this quality, it sounded the same.

With the Airhead amp in the mix, the drums sound like drums again.

Now, I generally listen at fairly low volume levels, so I can't comment really on the sound if I were simply to turn the SlimX volume up higher -- I suspect that it would sound a bit better. The 280s were listenable without the amp, but after hearing it with the amp, I would not go back. I have META42 on the way -- joy.
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i am probably getting an airhead 4.5v for mine with my rio 250. i cant wait
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