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FS:iPod Line out cables

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iPod Line out cables made with teflon insulated silver plated copper.


1x 3.5mm Female connector

Close up pics:
For those who can not view the pictures because of work place firewalls I uploaded them to my geocities acount hopefully this will work becasue I can't attach them due to their size.
All together
Female connector #1
Female connector #2
Male connector
sorry about the size of the pictures I should resize them but I am lazy. Hope it works.

Here they are on imageshack because geocities isnt working to well

If the hosting still doesnt work please tell me and give me another option because if I resize them small enough to be attached they will be very small and hard to see.

18$USD each plus shipping.

Paypal only please and preferably in the US international requests wont be discarded though.

Thank you.
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nice work! makes me wish i had held off on the sik din...
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Can anyone attach the pics to a post? imgbucket is blocked by my corporate firewall!
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Same here.. I am interested but I can't see the pics either.
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Update for newly hosted pics.
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i would recommend an update with some updated photos w/ better lighting!
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Geocities is blocked by firewall too! Can someone host on Head-fi?
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only intrests please not STUPID SCIENCE TEACHERS who cant even finish a pimeta.

*cough* larry smells *cough*
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oh insomniac I have emailed you the pictures sorry about the hosting problem.
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here they are attached kinda small but here they are.
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ipod line out!

was gonna PM, but changed my mind, sorry!
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Those are nice, I'd order one but those bigger ipod dock adapter don't fit with an iSkin on.
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