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MP3 file converting

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how do i convert from 128kps to something higher? and how do i get lossless or whatever on itunes?
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well, if it's already in 128 kbps, you can't get it any higher. You gotta rip it from cd format to lossless / higher bitrate.
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once the data is gone, you can't get it back.
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dang.... i always though u could tune it up yourself. im sad now... oh well, i can still convert to ACC or is that actually good?
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Once you encode with a lossy format (as MP3, AAC,... but not FLAC and ALAC or WAV or AIFF, which are lossless formats), any further codec changes results in quality loss*. So no, basically, converting your MP3s at this point is a bad idea and won't help. AAC tends to be a better codec than MP3, so using it in the future instead of MP3 isn't a bad idea. A better idea is to just rip the CD to a lossless format and then convert to whatever format is popular at the time.

*(...unless you change from MP3 or AAC to FLAC or ALAC, or WAV which would result in a lossless copy of what the MP3 sounds like... not very valuable, since you would get the same results by listening to the MP3 in iTunes. Also, burning to an audio-only CD essentially converts the MP3 or AAC file into WAV files, which means that your CD contains a copy of exactly like what the MP3 sounds like when you play it in iTunes.)

EDIT: oh yeah, answer the question.
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