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Closed conversion for Open phones?

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Sometimes I do feel like walking around with the Grado's.

However, they leak noise both in and out, so it's impossible to hear anything in even a halfway noisy environment.

Occasionally, I'd like to get away from the (admittedly enjoyable for many music styles) 'thuddiosity' of the MDR-V700DJ's while on the move.

However I don't think I can justify the purchase of, say a MDR-V900.

Is there a way to convert the Grado - I have an SR60 and an SR225 - into semi-open or closed phones - without affecting them too much? Literally like cupping a hand lightly over the phones?
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Grados were designed to be open, that is their principle, can't do much about that. If you close the earcups they sound awful (you must have noticed!). I suggest getting some good closed headphones...
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chych is right - I was bored this weekend and tried something like that! My 1 year old knawed and partially consumed the pads of my KSC-35s, and since I got my HD 280s, I've had my EH2200s in storage. I like the KSC 35 sound, but they are (were) just too open to use at home with the TV going in the background, kids, etc. The EH2200s however are (were) closed, and very comfortable. So naturally, I thought it would be fun to see how the KSC 35 drivers sounded inside of the EH2200 housing... cool sound of the KSC 35 in a closed, comfortable design. I tried being gentle with everything, but I wound up ruining one of the KSC 35 drivers and one of the EH2200 drivers, and now I've got a pair of EH2200s with a KSC 35 driver in the right cup. They sound HORRIBLE!!! The bass is reduced, and completely different, I'm assuming partially because of the increased distance from the ear, and also of course from being closed. The mids are very very 'honky' and reverberated, and the highs are really screechy. Intolerable, even for gaming. I knew that it wasn't supposed to work, but curiosity and a few beers got the best of me and I had to try it. Now I know... I think this weekend I'll try cramming my SR 80 drivers into my HD 280s!
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I guessed as much. Oh well.

In a separate post, I've spotted the Audio-Technica A100Ti... Closed design... NICE looks... I wonder how that is for sound quality with 'quiet' music. Y33,000 - which I guess means about $250? (turns wallet upside down and shakes it)
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Magicthyse, just press your palms against the outside of your Grados while you're listening. They sound absolutely terrible. I've always wondered why they sound so different and how people manage to make closed cans. ...

Updated A100Ti thread for you.

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