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[studiowork] Recording instruments

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My first post here, so I hope I do everything according to the rules ..

I am a bassplayer /trumpet player and I want to record my bass and trumpet stuff ..
I use a Behringer Eurorack mixer, and am gonna send it to the SBLive 5.1 Platinum.
Now I want to buy a very very good headphone for recording the bass and trumpet.
So I am looking for a headphone that can produce the lows very very well and the headphone has to have a bright sound ..

does anyone wich headphone I just described ?
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Sony MDR-7506/V6 has been a workhorse in many studios for years and for good reason; they are honest, closed (so they don't leak into your mic), analytic, can take a ****load of abuse and hold up, and they are reasonably priced.

They aren't the *best* headphone in the world but I think they are the best for studio work!

Oh, and do yoruself a favor, look into a Tascam US-428. The SB Live isn't the best for recording. The Tascam has a pret decent 24/48 sound card in it plus a MIDI control surface for a mixer/controller *and* it supports recording on 4 channels at the same time as playing back on two. The SB only has two channels worth of input which I find limiting.

The Tascam interfaces *very* nicely with Cubase VST and even ships with a souped-up version of Cubasis. I think I paid somewhere between $4-500 for mine so it's a great bargin for the price. It also includes ASIO drivers and the latency is less than 10ms (I recall it being around 4ms).

For final mixdown you really want to do it with a pair of decent near-field monitors and an honest amp. Mixing with headphones is quite an artform and very difficult to do.
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I work with my brother-in-law who uses a Terratec EWS88MT ... so he records the heavy work (like drums and stuff) while I do only the bass / trumpet stuff.. I do not need xtra inputs ..
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I have used Sony MDR-7506s for mix monitoring, both live performance and small studio style. The AKG 240s are also a big studio 'standard'.

They aren't the best headphones in the whole world, but they work very well for studio work. They are flat, with not much soundstage (which is fine for mixing), and have good bass and treble extension, without seeming humped in any area. Like nezer said, you'll still want to do your final mixdown with a good set of nearfield monitors. I've done some pretty good mixes with just headphones, especially if they are mono, but monitor speakers are really the way to fly for final mixdown.

You didn't mention your mics! Your choice of soundcard and mixer indicate that you are on a real budget, but try not to skimp on mics. For a reasonably budget mic, I would recommend the AKG D112 for your bass. The mics are designed for kick drum and bass, and offer a serious punch to any low register instrument. Their large diaphrams keep them sounding good at any SPL, and they have great bass response with low resonance. They are around 200$. If you are using a string bass, I'd recommend putting a condenser like the shure SM87 or even just an SM57, a few feet away from the fingerboard, facing towards it, and mixing that in with the main mic (such as the D112). String bass has lots of ambient sounds (i play too!) that are best picked up from a sort of high up position near the fingerboard. The fingers sliding up and down, and the click of string on rosewood adds a lot to the 'realism' of the recording, i feel.

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