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Convince me to get back into Headphones and Hi Fi

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After the Demise of my beloved Headwise DIY I had to find something else to do with my time. It was very discouraging to basicly lose my posts and all the hard work others did too. I see some of the original posters from headwise here but it seems like many have gone on to other places and things too.
I guess I have this fear of becoming involved in something else which will die a similar horrible death.
I just cannot believe how Long it has taken to revive Headwise that is in spurts of Revival anyway. The best thing that could have happened would be the transfer of the DIY data we worked so hard to assemble.
Typing does not come that easily to me and I spent hours on the Headwise documents.
Is there any way to retrieve the searchable data for my own website?
I have not picked up a soldering iron in anger for several months now, and have 4 amps awaiting and a large stash of parts sitting around gathering dust. Presently I am learning about and collecting gold coins and messing with jewelry making to pass the time, I'm even threatening to get out the nikons and shoot some photos.
What to do?????
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Get the nikons out anyway and run through your f-stops. I pulled my Rollei medium formats out of mothballs last weekend to take some shots at a friend's wedding and found that 2 of my Zeiss lenses had seized from lack of use. That'll be a big repair bill.

Have faith Daniel. I'm sure HeadWize and it's archives will be back at some point.

Making jewelry is for sissies.

(just kidding)
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Well, Daniel, I'm taking time out from my assignment that's due in a 3 hours to write this. LOL! This shows how important you are to the headphone community.
I know it's de-moralising when all your hard work is lost. I think if headwize/headFi loses a great DIYer like you, the forums will, in a way, lose it's guidance. People of both forums hold you in high regard.
Why not take up photography and do DIY stuff in your free time?
Hope this has helped

p.s you got mail
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dan, you ain't going nowheres ok! sure, headwize took a hit, but the community has grown tighter as a result. soon we'll be back at the old adress and people will be coming back. tho they might not all become members or regulars, everybody iinterrested in headphones knows Headwize is the place to go. all this accumulated wisdom will last forever, and one day good quality headphones will be seen in every damn household in the whole bleeping world!! muwhahahaha!!!

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dan, it's not the headphone community's fault that headwize went down. Well, it sort of is, but only because we were able to show enough people that headphones are awesome and building amps is fun . So don't lose hope! if head-fi keeps going in the direction that Jude is attempting to take it, we'll never have to worry about losing all of our hard work.
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Daniel: Well, uhm, in fact I had nearly lost my Hi-Fi and headphone hobby (at least I dind't care much about it for several years), before I finally discovered Headwize and Head-Fi later on. And now I'm fairly happy (especially with the nice community!), and I'm back into the swing of things.

Actually, I prefer Head-Fi from a look & feel perspective, but I'm sure Headwize will be back in full function sooner or later - hopefully sooner, even if I will stick more to Head-Fi, I guess. What I mean to say is: Hi-Fi and headphones are a nice hobby, but it's only half the fun, if there's nobody else to exchange opinions and info or to bring in new ideas - even if some topics might be discussed a little too frequently and reduntdantly. So please come back and enrich the community.

First thing to start with, of course, is melting all your gold coins and the silver of the jewelry in order to make connectors and cables from the stuff! Gold is heavy and soft (similar to lead), so it would also make a good inner coating for speakers - that would be understatement! There you go: You are needed, before I can come up with more silly ideas!

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Etymonic ER4S and P. (Mine showed up today.) The details can wait till Headwize is back with us. But some general remarks as to the differences and what's in the cable would be great.
ps Your typing can't be worse than my impersonation of a chicken pecking for food
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You should finish scanning the amazing convenient 'new posts since your last visit' feature before pecking.....

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Everything sounds better with DIY on it. I'm making a shopping list for the hamfest this weekend. I'm sure there will be something there for you too.
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Ok Everybody I'll hang for a while. I was suprised that anyone remembered my old posts. Sorry for the lack of Faith. This community will survive after all and slowly but surely add new members.
"You are forgiven of your lack of listening, go and sin no more" Confused
Put the acid core solder up, and grab the rosin!, dust off that nice collection of Vishay resistors, Wima Caps, and especially those very special Elna Cerafine Caps which were a gift from Apheared for my super DIY Szekeres which awaits completion.
Hey, look; over there in the corner sits the two hot rod Hansen's awaiting the final wiring.
As a Diyer I enjoy leaving completed boards lying around to gaze at. After all that hard work I want to be able to see the guts. Maybe all my enclosures need to be clear.
OK I'm back, and now I'll use my nice .999 silver wire for audio. But will also pass on some new knowledge. How about Welding the wires for cables for a great connection!
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Dan, Im new here and am also new to headwize
Im from India currently living in the Middle East and probably the only one from that part of the word in both forums
And I must confess I have heard your name ALOT and I hold you in great regard and respect...you would probably be the 1st one I would trust here
and my humble advice is

A lot of people here and new people who might come in the future might need you and your advice so go ahead and post and even free-post like crazy to make the moderators cry
Disturbed AKA Fruitsalad
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Reynman here! Just slip on your favorite cans and fire up that MG Head you purchased, and listen (without analyzing) to your favorite CDs.

Come to light!

Regards - reynman
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Hey disturbed man! (j/k)

You may be the only person in the Middle East, but there are plenty of Indians. At least, some. I mean, at least people of Indian origin. I think....

OH WAIT - I'm of Indian origin.

That's one....lol.....
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Make that three, Vij.
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