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Forget Mowing & Cycling....

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What can I do to reduce the microphonic effect of the wind on my Ety cables when I'm riding my YZF-R1 around?
With my helmet on it's not too bad but when the weather gets warm and I'm just riding around in shorts and sandals the wind really gets whistling in these phones any time I go over 80!
Any suggestions?
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I swapped the stock cable for the Fix-up cable. Much quieter. Try a search.
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Duct Tape

BTW do you have hairs on your chest?
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Thpppppppt. Nice troll (lol)

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Yes, humorous troll however, I AM going to dignify it with a response.

I saw a man the other day wearing sandals, shorts and a t-shirt driving a CBR-900RR. He had a li'l 1/2 face helmet too. If it weren't the law to wear a helmet around here, he would probably be wearing headphones too!

As a motorcyclist, I had to say OMG!! If you go down on a motorcycle, then you had better believe that the only thing putting a CHANCE of survival in your hands is good protective gear. I know many racers who have gone down at over 140mph, but wearing full body armor and high quality helmets, who have walked away, or had only minimal injuries, but across the country, most motorcycle deaths occur at LESS THAN 30MPH, and happen to people who are not wearing protective gear.

Motorcycling is an awesome (and expensive) hobby, (one of the other forums I spend time on is http://www.apriliaforum.com, discussing Aprilia world champion super-bikes ), but PLEASE, be careful! If you get training on evasive motorcycling and crash prevention techniques, wear protective clothing, and NEVER ride intoxicated (even a little bit) and for the love of god, never ride with headphones on, motorcycling can be a safe and enjoyable hobby.

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I have to agree phideaux. I've been riding legally for 13 years, and grew up around minibikes. If you're riding a motorcycle in shorts and a t-shirt, you're an idiot. It's harsh, but true.

The sad thing is that it's cheaper than ever to buy good protective gear nowadays, and that gear is much lighter and confortable, but more protective, than gear from 10-15 years ago. Heck, if you want to feel the wind, and stay cool, get a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket for $100 and matching pants -- they're not 1/4" leather, but at least they protect!
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