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Well, to anyone who reads my impressions and gets worried about their amp choice - all I can say is don't!

We've all gone to meets where there's a set-up you're very familiar with and really impressed with and a guy picks up that piece of equipment, which he's totally new to, listens for just 10 minutes, and concludes, "I don't like what I'm hearing". And you talk with this guy and while you think he's giving it an honest listen, you just wonder if he's just not cognizent of what he's hearing (or deaf or something). For the HE90, I'm that guy.

For me, I'm still a novice at critical-listening, so getting used to a piece of equipment is really important and expectations sway me more than more experienced folk.

I guess I'll say what I liked about the EMM/Singlepower/HE90, of which others with better ears than mine found fault with the amp. Comparing it with the EMM/Krell/Qualia, (remember, I'm very familar with the Qualia, but though not through this amp/source), I really felt critical of the Qualia's dryness and unnatural treble energy. It had the texture/resolution/detail that I really love about the Qualia, but it lacked any sweetness whatsoever. The HE90/Singlepower pleased me not only with texture/resolution/detail, but it was warm, smooth, engaging. Quite frankly, it was fuzzy. This was the part in the movie where the Jedi finally beat the uber-cool Sithlord. (BTW, fuzziness for me means warm vocals.)

Though being a Qualia fan, I wonder about the synergy of that setup. Just might not be tuned to my tastes.

I didn't like the Omega 2's yesterday, out of the KGSS/Meridian. It lacked clarity, the bass was overwhelming (and not very crisp/tight). I liked it a lot out of the Singlepower/EMM. I've listened to the Omega 2 on occasion, but have never lived with it. I guess I like it, but it never compelled me that it was worth the investment. Yesterday, I heard a texture/detail/tonal balance out of the Omega 2/Singlepower/EMM source that made me finally say, "yes, the Omega 2 is a top-tier phone."

I will say I preferred the HE90 (which was being fed by the HEV90 when I did the direct comparisons) because the vocals were brought too far forward by the Omega 2 for me, and I preferred the more natural sounding soundstage of the HE90.

Actually, the naturalness of the HE90 soundstage really impressed me yesterday, out of either amp. It's where I thought the HE60, which does sound very good, most lagged behind its compatriot. The HE60 exhibited a bit more of the three-point soundstage (i.e., sounds seeming to tend to be direct center, left or right, and not smoothly from left to right)

I went back and re-read my initial post and, with all my stated caveats, I pretty much stand by it still. It's just how I felt yesterday. Well, the line saying being glad I didn't go with the Blue Hawaii/KGSS is too strong. I didn't like them yesterday or in San Jose, but I could possibly like them in different situations. I dunno, these are, after all, just meet impressions.

Best regards,

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Originally Posted by Guss2
Let me just say that Justin at Headamp is a super cool dude.After seeing my post he called me to see if I wanted to change my order to the new two box electrostat amp he is building to be used with my HE90,so I went for it.Could be done around the end of Sept.,so I am one happy camper .Thanks again Justin,Gary.
Gary, I heard the HE90 with my maxed KGSS and couldn't find any real fault with the combo. I was actually floored, that is why I am wondering how the HEV90 sounds like. If it sounds even better, well, that is like heaven. I am sure the maxed KGBH has got to be even better than the KGSS driving the HE90. There are a few members that heard the KGBH/HE90 and really liked it. Jason did not like them, but that is the audio hobby for you.
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I appreciate the added input guys,but I just had to jump at the chance to own an amp that will probably be a little more synegistic with the new HE90's.I was'nt really worried too much about the BH combo either and any opinions for or against are more than welcomed,it's just that I could'nt pass up Justin's offer.Gary.
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