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does a noise filter exist???

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hey guys i was just wondering if you know whether or not there exists a device that cleans up the sound output of a device. I have a compaq laptop that has just horrendous interference. You can hear literally all electronical interferences, including the fan, hard drive, dvd-rom(thats loud as hell!), and even mouse movement! It just drives me insane when im watching a movie and when we come to a silence scene, i can hear the dvd-rom whirling trhough my headphones. By the way, i have a pair of hd280s and ksc-53s.
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If you crank up the volume and the interference gets louder with the music, I don't think you can do much about it.

Some amplified outputs (a good example are computer desktop speakers) have a constant level hum. When you turn up the volume, the hum stays at the same level. If this is the case, then you can turn up the volume to the point the signal kinda drowns the interference. All you have to do then is to attenuate the output with an external volume controller so you won't blast your ears.

However, I have a bad feeling that your lap top is introducing the noise before the sound card's amplifier which means the interference just gets louder when you turn up the volume.
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