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Originally posted by jpelg
And here is where it starts spiraling downward...

Not only that, we now have other head-fiers interjecting their headphones of choice. 'lini' mentions the 240S, then 'tomcat' brings up the Beyer 770's, 'joebloggs' talks about his equalized EX70's, 'duncan' still wants his old Sony V6's, 'joelongwood' says the AKG340's are still better than anything currently on the market, maybe someone else says the AT100's or a pair of Stax blow them all away, then 'kwarth' gives some definitive technical explanation of why we are all right or all wrong. (my apologies to anyone I have left out).

Talk about your "prototypical thread"!
Nah, not this time. I could but I won't. You all know better, you've read it before!
Just a word of advice to reinforce what others have said here...

THE reference that we all should use is real life, not some other piece of electronica.
BUT, if reality is not what brings you the most listening enjoyment from your rig, that's ok too, as long as you as an individual enjoy what you end up with.

So, no technophillia from me today. Nope, not even a mention of one can or the other... Enjoy the music!!!!

Except for the flame stuff, I have enjoyed reading this thread while listening to some great live recordings through my favorite cans through my favorite amp. This has brought me pleasure, relaxed my overwrought nerves, and lowered my blood pressure. All in all, I'd say a pleasurable and worthwhile experience!! I wish the same for you all.

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Originally posted by setmenu
I am just going to have to get a pair of 600s and graft a pair of
501 transducer into them and get the best of both worlds..

A veiled sound with a rolled off bass...

No,wait that can't be right I mean a rolled of veil with a ..

Oh forget it, I would.
Now that I think about it, despite having read tons about them, I actually don't know what they're good at, while I know EXACTLY what they are bad at... I guess the old saying still counts: Bad news has wings!!

Lol oh lol...
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