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Noise cancelling

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I'm a newbie and want to get a hifi set of cans, so I have been reading through some of the threads here to learn what I can. I have noticed that noise canceling headphones are never really a topic. Is the noise canceling feature anything to consider or is it impractical?

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from what I have readd, I think that the reason nobody really talks about noise cancelling headphones, is because they don't really work that well for how much they cost, and the headphones that include the noise cancelling feature are not the best sounding headphones around. If you are concerned with outside noise, get a pair of sealed headphones, like the Sennheiser HD280's or the Etymotics that everyone seems to like so much.
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Yeah, I thought that they seemed to be a little ‘gimmicky’. Sure, if you are an Air Force pilot, they are probably a necessity. Unfortunately, they were the only ones that I could test drive at the Apple store. After visiting this site, I know that I am definitely not getting them from an Apple store.

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Here’s an option if you’re into DIY

Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Am I the only one to see the irony in this?

Originally posted by jms007bnd007
...I think that the reason nobody really talks about noise cancelling headphones, is because...
...they can't hear you?

( )
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haha, yeah that too.
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