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IC: PPA and assorted goodies

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I'm considering selling my main desktop amp setup and replacing it with something a little more portable -- it just doesn't get the time it deserves.

I have:

1) JMT built PPAv1, approximately 2 years old, very well cared for. I've also installed the Larocco audio diamond buffer. Opamps: OPA627/637s, Nichicon caps. I can dig out the exact specs if necessary.

Cost new w/ upgrades was approximately $500, I'd like to get about $300, but am open to suggestions.

2) Custom Russ Andrews PowerPak III (link). This was customised to fit the PPA power supply, and provides an extremely high quality power source. Again, new was approximately $300, would like approximately $200.

3) Russ Andrews YellO power cable
Approximately $50 new, $30 would be nice.

So.... this is primarily an interest check for the moment, I've not made my mind up entirely on what I'm doing, so I'd like to know whether people want these items. I can get photos of the kit sorted over the next day or two, but if anybody's interested let me know.
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How long is the power cable?

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