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Sennheiser HD600's vs. 5.1 surround?

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I really like my headphones but my buddie was telling me that a 5.1 speaker system rocks the casbah... So what is 5.1 and am I missing something sticking with my headphones over some Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Sound System?

Forgive me I am a newb...
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5.1 is:

2- front speakers L/R
2- rear speakers L/R
1- center speaker
1- subwoofer

Here is a review on the older 4.1. I think it's missing the center speaker.

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Surround sound and Headphones, IMO is not comparable. They both offer something different which is useable in completely different situations. You'd want a 5.1 setup perhaps if you were watching movies, however in relation to klipsch's Promedia crap, you are missing absolutely nothing. In comparison, your headphones are so much better at reproducing sound it's rediculous, so it's pointless even trying to get into that.

To elaborate on the "5.1" thing, this simply indicates a five speaker single sub setup. You would have three speakers in the front, left right and center, and two in the rear, left and right and a single subwoofer reproducing sounds. To get the full affect, you need DD encoded material (mainly movies) -- otherwise it's just stereophonic coming through a boatload of speakers, or some "simulated" affect that the decoder has built in if just playing standard music CDs which usually sounds horrid.
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I have the Klipsch speakers, and ever since I got my new headphones, I have been listening to them instead of the speakers. I would just stick with the HD600's if I were you.
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Promedia crap or not I still think you're missing out with JUST headphones, this is just me though.

sometimes I just gotta hear/feel the music through the speakers and sometimes I prefer headphones.

Dude just go over his house and give his promedia's a listen. The HD-600's definitly sound better with its detail. If there ever is a "speaker sound/feel" and a "headphone sound/feel" you'll find it out when you hear em.
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I prefer headphones for movies now.

especially if you have access to dolby headphone ( amazing )

think about it this way , the representation of spatial references is going to be tailoered to your head, ie no wierd reflections off walls or that little desk in the corner etc.
also good home theatre rooms are hard to setup properly and easy to setup badly.

if you want that extra bass feeling during explosions try bolting a sub-sobic transducer to your chair ( yes i have done this ), tis a grerat effect ( especially for playingh games )

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HI: I have a 5.1 sound system and use it for my tv and my cds sound very good on it but it cant compair with my 580 & eqinoux though my cd deck and supreme amp set up. I also think that my portable rig sound better because of the in your ear sound of the music. But when I put a dvd movie on the 5.1 really shines. These are two different uses and I am glad to have both but nothing beats headphones for music. Just my opinion of course.
This also includs earphones like the aiwa vx100 or the etys or slicsound with ear buds.
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cool, I canceled my order for the Klipsch 5.1's last night. My cardas cables are on backorder so I hope headroom gets my order out soon. I thought these were a good choice since I read a review on them before I knoew of this board and I did not want to order another set of the factory cables which are the same ones that failed me to begin with.
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Originally posted by fbleagh

especially if you have access to dolby headphone ( amazing )
tell me more...
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Sorry if i'm rude to jump in...

Dolby Headphone effect is a DSP efect in DVD players.
It's just a software emulation of speakers in a room (which size, you can choose).

It adds echo and lots of other effect like crossfeed and reverb into that "dry", totally separated and precise headphone sound.

I don't know, sometimes it sounds better on, sometimes off, depending on your mood, but definately it is relaxing like any crossfeed component.

(i think it has a crossfeed in it, i'm not 100% sure)
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I think my headphone amp does some crossfeeding to cut down on headaches and such. Is this similar?
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No, it is only a part.

Well I see you have a computer
If you have a DVD-Rom, download trial version of PowerDVD software player and taste the difference
I'm kidding, it's nothing spectacular, install Izotope ozone DSP plugin for Winamp and put an "Around Ear Headphone" preset and you will hear similar effect to that in Dolby Headphone.
Maybe you won't like it, like me most of the times, because then the soundstage is little bit oversized.
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I use PowerDVD and Dolby Headphone for almost all of my CD listening these days. I play my soundcard in 2 speaker mode and use DH for adding space to the sound...I believe it's superior to any other DSP I've used.

Rather than comparing headphones and 5.1 speakers, just compare headphones and speakers.

My opinions:

Headphones = more revealing, far more cost efficient (outstanding headphones available for $200, the best for some thousands, compared to top-of-the-line speakers for many tens of thousands a pair), intimate sound, necessary sometimes to avoid disturbing others.

Speakers = more realistic portrayal of soundstage, less danger of hearing damage (a real concern--viz the various Head-fiers who have dropped out due to tinnitus), better bass, allow you to share the sound.
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