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Please excuse the mess.
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How do you find out prices for products like Mark Levinson, Meridian, Lynn, Rotel etc? They never put the prices on the websites, and it's hard to find them on the web. Looking to build a home theater and prices on these brand would help.
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Sorry for not having answered sooner, I’m out flying.

1. The speakers are ceiling mounted using an older model Omni-Mount. Yes, I had to drill 3 holes into the top of each speaker. Trust me, it was done with extreme caution but it was the only way to pull off the install. The speakers are also rear-ported so no way to mount them directly against the wall. Speakers are all wired using 12/2 Liberty Ultracap with the exception of the FL and FR which are bi-amped using 12/4 Liberty Ultracap. The rear corner speakers are setup up for DVD-A and SACD, the center rears are for DTS-ES and THX-EX.

2. Speakers. I demoed everything in a certain price range. Final choice came down between B&W CDM series and the Paradigm Studio Reference. The dealers were nice enough to let me do an in-home trial, and the Paradigms won based on the quality of sound reproduction. Not just my opinion, but those of 3 audiophile friends as well.

3. The paintings were all done by friends of mine with the exception of the one by the leather chair. It is a serigraph of a painting a friend did.

“Forget the system! I really like your paintings.........It would appear that I have to pull-off another Thomas Crown Affair!”

FYI, my home is in Istanbul!

4. I did all of the woodwork myself. The mantel is solid cherry. The fireplace is actually gas with remote control (2 separate burners, and I installed the valve inside the right mantel post). It is such a good fake I put the wood and fireplace tools there to fool people, plus the pine smells nice. Most folks think it is real until I turn it off/on using the remote.

5. I did the entire system design and install myself. I've been into HT for some time, just happen to be a nOOb here at Head-Fi. I also made all of the cables with the exception of the Y/C and RGB cables, way too much work to make those! Equip closet started out looking like this:

6. Buttkickers – here are my Buttkicker 2’s lag-bolted and glued (liquid nails) to the joists directly below the primary sitting position. Since the floor joists are full span, the Buttkickers make the entire room shake. Powered by a PLX-3402 amplifier and Behringer Ultra-Bass Pro. Wired using 10/2 speaker wire.

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::High Fives:: team front projector.
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no i dont mind the huge pics in here, but your set-ups are amazing.
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a more modest setup

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hi PPA ... looking good claus!
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it's not running through the receiver anymore and WOW what a sound. emptied a whole shelf for it in the rack
I am as happy as a lil' child
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No more buying except for music now. My system is done.. except for maybe an hp4 or mods to the Denon
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Why are all these setups directly in front of a computer? Just curious. Do all you people use your computer as your primary sources?
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Originally Posted by Helter Skelter
You'd never guess it from pics like this, but I'm actually a gigantic nerd.

Yes, I have 3 consoles stacked on the right there, and that's the Xbox version of Burnout 3 showing on the CRT to the left (the Dreamcast and PS2 are hooked directly to the LCD). And yeah, that's a Steel Battalion controller sitting in the chair.

Nice laptop! I have the same.

What are you using to connect your consoles to your LCD? I am using a Kworld tv tuner that does it separate from the computer, but the quality is only so-so.
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Originally Posted by Aman
Why are all these setups directly in front of a computer? Just curious. Do all you people use your computer as your primary sources?
Well I use it 50/50 - 50% computer/50% CDs - so I like to have the best of both worlds without having to run wires all around. Plus it's not too far to the next couch, the cable reaches so I can just chill and listen to some music on the couch as well.
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Originally Posted by RnB180

I am however working on something something beautiful for the senns, which will look classier then the headphones themselves , check mall fi in the coming weeks, when Im ready Ill post up something it up mall fi. till then its my secret.
Will it work on 580s?

BTW, impressive DDR scoring! DEFINITELY would NOT want to go up against you!

Where did you get the mat?
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