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My 280s sound fine without an amp, either through a sound card or pcdp. They do sound better with my CMOY amp - a little more soundstage, bass response, and even detail. One thing wallstreet might want to consider is that the HD 280 bass is much different than the KSC-35 bass. I'd guess that the 280s have a fairly flat response, while the KSC-35s have a boost in the mid bass. The 280s seem to have deeper and tighter bass. I got the KSC-35s after I'd been listening to the 280s for a month or so, and the KSC-35s sounded kind of boomy and muddy to me, although I was still amazed that the little things sounded as good as they did! It could be that the opposite will happen with wallstreet, with the 280s sounding a little flat and bass deficient, at least at first, until he gets used to the tight accurate bass.
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I think I'll play around with my bass and treble controls in windows. Maybe turning them down will calm the KSC-35s excessive bass and treble some and help me get a little bit clearer picture off how more expensive headphones will sound.
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I'll see what I can do about comparing the A55's to the HD 280's. There is a place in town that I can demo the HD 280's. I'll see if they will let me plug my cans in. If not, I'll do the best that I can do with listening to one, then going home.
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Well I might as well jump in here as well. I own a pair of the HD280's, and I don't have an amp for them yet. I am very pleased with how they sound straight out of my computer and straight out of my panasonic 470. The sound isolation is excellent, and there is virtually no sound leakage, which my roomate at college appreciates. It took me about a week to get used to the bass that they produced, but now my Klipsch speakers sound too boomy, and I much prefer the 280's tighter bass. I also must tell you that I find the 280's very comfortable, and have no problem with the pressure that some people have commented on.
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Originally posted by dohminator
I'll see what I can do about comparing the A55's to the HD 280's. There is a place in town that I can demo the HD 280's. I'll see if they will let me plug my cans in. If not, I'll do the best that I can do with listening to one, then going home

That is certainly a lot of trouble for you to go through dohminor, but it would be very helpful and I would much appreciate it. Team Audio Technica must be looking for some new recruits . One thing to remember though is that the store will probably have a much better source than my Audigy in my computer has.

I would also like to know how good of a source my Audigy is compared to PCDPs and such as thats what what these headphones will be used for. I want to try to get the best sounding cans on my card without an amp at all, as I won't have the money for it. Right now my choices are #1: HD 280s #2 ATH-A55 (can't really justify spending the $100 on these though until I get more info) & the V6 if I decide that I want a cheaper solution for now and more money for cds .
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I can tell you that these sound great out of my Sound Blaster live. Not the best source, but they still sound good. I think either way you go, you'll be happy. When I tried out the hd 280, I liked it, but I was feeling like being a little more adventerous and I wanted to try out the AT's. I'm not dissapointed in the least.

Just go with whatever your comfortable with. I still want to try to do a side by side review with the hd 280 anyways. I need to write up my official review, and would love to do that comparison. It's just a matter of figuring out when i'm going to do it. Either way you'll be happy.
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I want to add that while I think I need an amp for my 280s (out of the slimx), I still wholeheartedly recommend them. As previously said, I may look like a <insert insult of choice> wearing them in the subway everyday, but to me the countless masses with their Sony street-style phones are even more <insert insult of choice>.

I looked up some info on the slimx, and it claims to have a 12mw amplifier and 90db snr -- I don't know how this compares to other portables or to sound cards, but I can tell you the phones sound great out of my receiver.
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I'm not sure, but I'm assuming the slimx is your PCDP? If that's so, I think that the Audigy *should* be a better source than most PCDPs.
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That's right.
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The Audigy is certainly not better than most PCDP's.


Here is a comparison between the Audigy vs a Terratec...the Terratec much closer to performing like a good PCDP can than the Audigy.

Having a flat response from headphones and speakers is hard...but typically not that difficult to achieve in most amps and sources. The Audigy on the otherhand...well I honestly wonder if my Ety's are flatter.
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Well, can you recomend a soundcard that would be a better source than the Audigy, and isn't too expensive?
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You might want to consider the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.
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I also might consider adding the Beyer 250-80s to my list if I can find a store that doesn't sell them for too much over $100 ... but thats a big *if*.
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Is the Santa Cruz really that much better than the Audigy. I still play games and such, and I'm not really sure if I should switch.
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I'm going to take the 250-80s off my list as they are too expensive (couldn't find it much below $170) and also take the v6s off my list as I think that $30-50 will get me headphones that are more "musical".
I have also heard something about the Beyer DT 231 being good cans for a computer, but that even though they're closed they still leak. I'm wondering how much leakage this is, min-medium leakage wouldn't bother anyone else I don't think because my computer fans would most likely drown it out. Any thoughts on this?
Also, still holding out for more info on the ATH-55s, but I will want to make a decision in about a week or so because if I decide to go with the HD 280s (which is what its looking like right now) there is a rebate on all Senns for the month of June.
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