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I attended a meeting for a local audio club today.I took all three of the cables along with my newly aquired Headroom Max with stepped attenuator and dual inputs,two HD600 and an HD580.I also took my Wheatfield HA2 and used the SonyDVP-NS500V as a source since most of the club members really like it.I used a Harmonic Tech Truthlink interconnect for the Max and MAD Silverline for the HA2.Some twenty members(out of sixty three in attendance) took the time for a short audition.I did not attempt to influence the listeners in any way.17 out of 20 listeners preffered the Equinox with the Max(which suprised me) 2 liked the Cardas and 1 lady liked the Clou.14 out of the 20 preffered the Equinox with the Wheatfield(no suprise there) but what did suprised me is that all six of the members that preffered the Clou with the Wheatfield were women.The Cardas did not fare well at all with the Wheatfield and every listener preffered the HD600 over the HD580.

The big suprise here was the fact that more people liked the Equinox with the Max.I have yet to perform an extended audition with the Max and all the Cables.I thought that the Equinox would not fare as well with a solid-state amp,it seemed to shine best with the tube amps that I have tried it with.Most of the members seemed to like the Wheatfield over the Max as well.I think that if the audition were longer and a wider variety of music were played results may have been different.This not scientific by any means and I did this only because I sometimes need to further validate my listening impressions.

I'll add that my wife,a complete utter cable skeptic,actually asked me for the HD600s that had the Equinox attached to them.She was out in her garden friday using the Grado RA1 and the Sony D-25s and she just grabbed the First HD600 that she saw which had the Cardas attached to them.When I went out to see her swinging in her hammock she asked me to "get the ones with the black cord".I didn't know that she listens to this setup often but she has grown to like it and likes the Equinox.I will give her **** about this at a later date.
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looks like i'll have to get the HD600 with the Equinox eventually.

Do people dislike the Cardas or just prefered the Equinox? I still dont really understand the difference between the Clou/Equinox sound compared to the Cardas.
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I have both cables here and prefer the Equinox. The Cardas is leaps and bounds better than the stock, but to me and my Max, the Equinox has the edge. The Equinox seems more balanced to me, the right blend of low, mids and highs.
Originally posted by msjjr:
but the soundstage has to be heard to be believed.
I heard it, and still don't believe it. Incredible. You should listen to the Gladiator Soundtrack with the Equinox.
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I've had my Equinox cable for a little over a week now and have grown to love it. The soundstage is just kick in the nuts shockingly amazing. It completely opens up the sound and brings out the air in the recordings.

From the few hours that I heard the Cardas, I thought it was a really nice cable, it's more cohesive (smoother) than the Equinox, but other differences like frequency extension and bass control is hard to say without a proper A/B. But going from memory, I would still keep my Equinox if offered a trade.

I would like to add that doing business with Tuberoller is like dealing with a friend, he is just that cool and considerate. I don't know about you guys, but all my friends are honest.
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Oh ****!!! Which cable boosts or supports the upper treble area without reducing performance in any other area???

Thats the cable I want.
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In the interest of clarity and consideration of the rules here at head-fi and to maitain the trust of my fellow head-fiers,I must state again that I am a dealer.this may be a factor for some of those who value my opinions or are skeptical of them.


Fred aka tuberoller
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So.... does this cable, the Outlaw PCA, sound somewhat warmer than the others listed before or did those folks make a mistake?

Otherwise..... nevermind!

No wonder... solid rock... I've been on the wrong hill!!!
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am i mistaken? but the Outlaw PCA is an interconnect (RCA-RCA).

The Clou, Equinox and Cardas specifically discussed here are cables designed to connect the Sennheiser HD580/HD600 to the headphone socket.
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