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HD600: Cardas, Clou or Stefan? Need your opinion.

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Can you help me in choosing out a cable for my Senn HD600s?

Describe how each of the cables here sounded to you, and which do you think wins out...I just need to know what people think of the different cable options there are for the HD 600s. Thanks!

1. Cardas ($150)
2. Clou 212 Red Jaspis ($119)
3. Stefan Audio Art ($189)
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Check out this
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Thanks! I did read that after posting but I'm really wanting to hear more of the typical owner's/user's experience and opinions since their equipment will reflect more of or closely with what I have. I will purchase an amp in the $300 to $900 range and would like to know how they will fare with these cables.
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If you do a search on Equinox and other keywords you will find more information on this in old threads. I suspect not enough to match it to an amp, this is very complicated because it also depends on sonic preferences, the source and other equipment.
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I have tried all three and I prefer the Stefan Audioart by a large margin!!!!! Arrowmark
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I have all three cables and the Equinox is the best.My sonic preferences lean toward sweet midrange,open soundsatge and deep,tight bass.I have used these cables with the Wheatfield HA2,Grado RA1,Rega Ear,Creek OBH-11Se and the ASL MG Head DT.I preferred the the Equinox with all these amps.I liked the Clou next best and the Cardas the least.The Cardas did sound pretty good with the solid state amps but robbed both the tube amps of the sweet vocals and soundstage.When I was able to listen to all with a Max at the Headroom tour I liked the Cardas a lot,but still liked the Stefan cable best.despite the higher price the Stefan cable is a bargain.
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Make that three.

Stefan Equinox #1
Clou #2
Cardas #3

The Clou is very similar to the Equinox, but is bassier and has highs that aren't quite as airy. It's a good value at $89, I think.

I didn't like the Cardas.
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I haven't yet heard the Equinox, but to my ears on my system the Cardas was in a completely different class than the Clou Red. The Red was a nice improvement over the stock cable, but compared to the Cardas the Clou was looser in the bass, and not as clear and clean in the mids and highs.
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Personally, I liked the Equinox cable more, but its more expensive...
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I prefered the Cardas over the others. The Equinox was a *close* second and the Clou was a distant third (though better than the stock). The Clou was just too grainy and it really did miss a lot that the others pulled out.
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BTW, if you want I'll sell you my Clou Red for $70 shipped to the US. ;-) I want to sell it to buy the Cardas.
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tara labs cables

Hi guys, what about tara labs cables. has any one compared them against the cardas, equinox, clou, others...
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Pureofheart, welcome to Head-Fi.
Hi guys, what about tara labs cables.
The Equinox, Cardas, and Clou are specific, high quality replacement cables for the 600/580 with the actual Sennheiser connectors. I didn't know that Tara made an actual replacement cable. Can you point to a link?

I haven't heard the other two, but the Equinox takes the 600s to a whole different level in my opinion.
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answer for an idiot

I hate to use this thread to vent,but I have a zit I gotta bust.some nit-wit uses this forum and emails me and harrasses me everytime I make a post answering any type of equipment question.Today his email was titled "you are full of ****".He/she states that I probably don't have any of the cables that I'm talking about and more than likely don't have any of the equipment listed in my profile.He goes on to call me a liar and POS.He never responds to emails I send back and I have always tried to be nice to him.Today was the kicker.these are pics of the Cables .I might be an ******* but I'm no liar.I never make any statements or offer opinions on gear that I have never heard.Most of the time I have owned the gear or auditioned it extensively.I also usually post pics of the gear that I have heard and from the shows that I attend.I know I should'nt let this get to me,but I'm sick of this guy.I expessed my preference for the Equinox cable despite my being a dealer for both the Cardas and Equinox.The profit margin on the Equinox is much smaller than the Cardas and I have not attempted to make any sales based on my opinions.I might respond via pm to a post about a head-fier wanting to try something that I carry but I don't lurk the boards making posts and offering biased opinions to drum up sales.like I said I'm sorry to do this here but I know this guy is subscribed to this thread so maybe he'll see this.
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Where can I order an Equinox and what is a good price to pay?
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