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originally posted by Tomcat.
Thank you. I never said I wasn't sick.
originally posted by TimSchirmer
For that much...I think i'd rather go stax.
Notice...I am now using this group as therapy......

This is one of my problems, I do not check my options before purchasing an Item. I have never heard Stax, yet I have the W2002's, I have never heard a Headroom amp, yet I have the Grace. If I don't like it I can always sell it, but I never do.

Whew....I fell better now.
originally posted by Calanctus
Do you listen through an adapter (that amp seems to have no headphone output)?
The Grace has 2 standard size headphone jacks in the middle of the front panel.
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Is there anything that you find particularly lacking about the w100 EMP combo right now? What types of music do you listen to? What is your source?

I'm not really up on tubes (I bought my EMP off a private seller and already had a Sylvania Gold), but you might ask people around here what they like best.
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Kubernetes, I somehow find the W100s to be a little 'flat'. Not flat as in response, but as in uninvolving. The bass is less impressive than the DT770s, which may be part of the reason--perhaps not all of it. I'll have to do some more serious listening--I find it takes me many, many hours to really grok the fullness of any particular sound. I may yet grow to like the W100s more than I do at the moment.

I listen to electronic rock, atmospheric, New Age, Indian classical, medieval and renaissance, a little modern classical, and a little hard rock/metal. I play my CDs through PowerDVD 4 to take advantage of Dolby Headphone processing. Source is an Audigy Platinum soundcard. I'll be getting another source soon, possibly a Sony NS500V.

I know nothing about tube rolling but I'll read some archived posts.
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Originally posted by 88Sound
Enter the Grace Designs Model 901 Reference Headphone Amplifier. I am waiting for sufficient time with this new amp before I post a review.
Oh, you bastard! You got the Grace 901? Yes, please do post a review (drools)...Did you read the review in PAR?
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Dusty Chalk,

I haven't been able to find any reviews on the 901. I guess I'm what you call an early adopter or B@#$%&* if you prefer. Is the PAR review available on line? I am going to try to get a preliminary review on head-fi by tonight, so far it's over a page in word and I haven't even gotten in to the sound.

I'm a terrible candidate for a 901 review because I haven't heard any solid state headphone amps in its class, not any Headroom amps or the Sugden. The closest thing I have is the RA-1 which it predictably trounces but the comparison is very unfair.


I've found the W100/EMP combination to be anything but flat but also found that there's a fairly narrow window of volume for it to sound perfect.....not too loud or soft.....and the EMP must be broken in or warmed up for a long time....over 2 hours if your unit is new. I find the sweet spot with this combo to be a real eye opener.
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Originally posted by 88Sound
I haven't been able to find any reviews on the 901...Is the PAR review available on line?
I stand corrected, I think I was thinking of this.

They also do review a few headphones, but nothing of interest.
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Dusty Chalk, Thanks, all I've been able to find in the way of reviews on Grace Design products is for their Mic Pre-Amps, which enjoy an excellent reputation. I'm sure a review is bound to pop up soon for the 901.
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Mmmm... Waaaaaant....

(looks in bank account)

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Have been a little suspicious about long burn-in times, but now read this (about Simaudio Moon i-5 amp, Stereophile July 2002):

"I reckon that you've got to put at least 300 - 500 hours on this baby before you can form a balanced opionion about its sound."

Might be hope for us with harsh AT W-models.
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