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After an 15 hour breakin I was able to remove the tape from the little holes for the bass tamed down and the mids and highs are comming though fine now. I think that these buds need a good breakin time and I will give them more of it when I sleep for I use them till then.
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I have a problem with the Sony EX70's in that the seal is never really a seal because they always slip off of my ears by themselves. I blame the slipperiness of the silicon gaskets and the small size of my ear canals for this lack of a good seal. It happens most of the time with the medium gaskets, and sometimes even with the small gaskets. Are the Aiwa VX100's gaskets smallers or larger than the small size gaskets of the EX70's? Are they smaller or larger than the MEDIUM size gaskets?
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The VX100's gasket is a "one size fits all" affair, probably most like the medium one with the EX70's.

The isolation of these Aiwa buds is good, but probably somewhere in-between that of the Etys and the 888's. For those times when you want to block out the world, I think the ER-4P's would be a better solution, for MiniDisc use.

I'm debating on whether or not I should invest in a pair of ER-4P's, but they have that annoying long cord.
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Hey LTUCCI1924 or Superbaldguy, i bought the Koss Plugs cause i needed something that would block out noise and was cheap, unfortunately i found them very uncofortable and couldn't get a good seal. Would these aiwa's fit my needs? Are they comfortable, easy to get a good seal, and do they provide good isolation?
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HI: The vx100 are very contifable and just put then in and presto a seal although I do wet them with my finger. There is not much isolation when no music is playing. But these are miles better than the plug. AHHH. I put mine in the trash.LOL. The sony ex70lp gives better isolation but don't sound as good as the 100s. The ex sound muddie and muffled compaired to the 100s that have a nice deep rich sound. Now keep in mind that this is just my opinion so check around and get other opinions. Also I found that a 50 hour brakein helped the bass be more settled and overall better sound.
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LTUCCI seems to have said the VX100 eartips also come in 3 sizes?
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Joe Bloggs
Hi JOE: I think that you misunderstood me. I don't say that the vx100 comes with 3 different tips. They come with 2 sets of the same size. One size fits all. If I gave the worng impression I am sorry for misleding. The vx100 comes with one size only tips.
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yea i think i'll order a pair. The plugs were just so uncomfortable and it was so difficult to get a seal, that even the cheap headphones included with my cd player were easier. For 25 bucks these seem like a steal compared to the ex70's so i'll try them out, after the plugs i just want something portable, comfortable, and some isolation.
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Look at that, it says that aiwa said that they are gonna be selling them as the HP-V600 in the U.S. Can anyone confirm if these are the same ones, or does anyone know where you can find them?
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You say that the price of the ex70sp is $36 and you got them from audiocubes? They have them now for $42! Is the difference in sound quality between the two that obvious?

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I got the ex70lp from etronics. I got the hp-vx100 from audiocubes. I am sorry if I mise lead you about this.
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